If There Are Strawberries …

… it Must Be Wimbledon

… and …

… if it’s Wimbledon …

… there Must Be Strawberries

For Cuppa and me, Wimbledon has long marked the beginning of summer. By the final weekend of the event at least, school was always out, and the holidays had begun. It’s been a tradition with us for a long time now — since sometime in the mid-seventies I would say. We have missed it the odd time due to this’es and thats’es but not often.

As a rule, we watch three tennis events per year, Wimbledon in June, the Canadian Open in August, and the US Open in September, which somewhat fittingly marks the end of summer holidays. Occasionally, we catch a bit of another event, like the recent men’s finals of the French Open, but it’s a pretty random and unsure thing.

The Wimbledon broadcast generally advertises itself as Breakfast at Wimbledon and always highlights the delights of strawberries and cream. Well, the end of June is also strawberry season here in southern Ontario. I had forgotten both about strawberries and Wimbledon until I saw this temporary stand just around the corner the other day. Wimbledon started on Monday and the strawberry stand opened on Tuesday — as did summer, according to Wimbledon, strawberries and the calendar — the calendar in the form of the summer solstice.



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10 Responses to If There Are Strawberries …

  1. Hilary says:

    It’s kind of nice to have these small but wonderful traditions which mark the passage of time.. from one season to another. Enjoy your summer, tennis and berries!

  2. KGmom says:

    And Pimm’s–don’t forget Pimm’s. Our daughter introduced us to this interesting summer beverage. Now, no tennis match seems complete without it.

  3. Bernie says:

    I too am watching Wimbledon, but the most fun is listening to it on the computer radio, the accents and their expressions are priceless. I have also been enjoying the strawberries this season, been getting fresh fruit at the farmer’s market. So glad to know you and cuppa are enjoying the tennis as well….:-)Hugs

  4. QMM says:

    Got the strawberries and saw some of the matches but so busy with my little plarn project have not had time to watch or to visit. Glad to hear things are nuttering along just fine. (Trying to remember the little word you threw out a few days ago that I liked.)

  5. Lorna says:

    Somehow, that reminded me of Pierre Elliot Trudeau and a dog-eared poster I used to have about all things happening in their time. Tennis and strawberries too. Well, I’m off to buy cream.

  6. Love strawberries….Hope you two are enjoying your Summer!

  7. Mara says:

    Mmmm, strawberries. I want some now!

  8. Ginnie says:

    Yum…When I grew up we always celebrated the “coming of the Strawberries” with a special Sunday breakfast of pancakes, topped with fresh cut-up strawberries and a light dusting of confectioner’s sugar. Those were definitely the good old days !

  9. Philip says:

    The wild strawberries are delicious but crawling around on the hay fields after the mower has passed to pick them is hard and exhausting.

  10. Jinksy says:

    For years, where I lived before, Wimbledon said Raspberries to me, as our garden was full to bursting with them at that time of year, and I’d have to pick the day’s crop in the morning, ready to watch TV tennis in the afternoon! Now in a different house, I miss the berries, but the tennis remains! 🙂

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