Not a Groupon Groupie

Our daughter has recently introduced us to Groupon — sort of. What she did was pass on to us a groupon coupon that she had purchased but couldn’t get around to using. She had purchased $30 buying power for $20 at a garden centre one town over.

So, the Cupster and AC drove down to this centre on Sunday to see what we could see and buy what we could buy. We discovered that the centre had a great special on:  buy-one-get-one-for-one-penny. Naturally, however, in the spirit of competitive free enterprise we were informed that we would be ineligible to combine the two specials. In a consumer-friendly manner it was explained that it was an either-or situation: we could use the either the groupon or opt for the one-penny sale.

We decided on using the the prepaid groupon rather that letting it go to pot (as it were) and ended up choosing a rather nice potted arrangement of various white flowers to further adorn the garden at the front of the house. Priced at $29.99, that seemed to us to take care of the $30 groupon rather nicely — or so a naive, uniformed grouponsumer might think. As I was standing in the payout line, however, groupon happily in hand, the saleslady walked by and tsk-tsk’ed me by saying that I needed to spend $30 to use the groupon.

When I asked her, somewhat shirtily, what I could purchase for the amount of 1¢ to make up the monumental difference, she relented. Not totally happily, mind you.

Daughter reports that our experience is not typical. Nevertheless, I am here to sorrily report that my first encounter with the system does not exactly induce me to click back to Groupon with eager anticipation.

But, then again, I am not the sharpest thorn in the rosebush, even though, by times, I can be a bit prickly — so to speak.


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6 Responses to Not a Groupon Groupie

  1. Mara says:

    Sometimes companies do make you wonder. It’s like buying a gift card for someone worth 20 euros and when they only spend 18,50 euros, they don’t get the difference! It always annoys me.

  2. Mara says:

    PS: loved the bubble photo in your last post!

  3. AC, I have noticed coupons that offer a discount if you spend a certain amount and then most items proced just slightly below that cost..of course, the logic here is that the shopper will buy more just to use the coupon discount. So the shops comes out ahead and the shopper has in reality not saved but spent more.

  4. Ruth says:

    This garden centre is not big on customer service. Perhaps they do not have enough competition.

  5. One Penny? Good grief….Why do some people make mountains out of molehills? Why did she have to say ANYTHING? I get so tired of “by the bookers”.
    Sorry your experience wasn’t so…blooming.

  6. Sha says:

    It wasn’t the Groupon, it was the nursery. I won’t buy one for their again. Usually a Groupon is as good as cash. 😛

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