With BenMar in Pakenham

Over the weekend, we had a wonderful visit with Cuppa’s nephew, Ben, and his significant other, Mary. We call them BenMar for short. The trouble with calling them BenMar, however, is that I never know whether I should use the singular or plural. Should it be BenMar is coming for a visit or BenMar are coming for a visit? Do you see my problem?

Whether BenMar should be referred to as a singular unit or as two people, it/they are an extremely lovely pair of youth. They don’t even seem to mind spending time with their ancient aunt and uncle. Strange that.

So, it was that we looked forward to BenMar’s visit … and now look back with some pleasure.


They were with us for one day and two nights, and after Ben spent much time helping Cuppa set up her new iPad, we decided to show it/them some of the local sights. We have several nearby destinations where we can take our guests for a brief outing. Although BenMar has/have visited before, it/they had not been to Pakenham, so off we went.

When in Pakenham, one must stop at the historic general store to purchase cinnamon buns if nothing else. It really does look like an old fashioned general store inside.


Display shelves of mostly bygone items, but Keens Mustard (top shelf) still comes in the same yellow can. I know because we have one in our cupboard.


Day after day, year after year, this older-style toy Canadian Pacific train makes the circuit around the store, just above the shelves, near the ceiling.


Upstairs is a gift shop with a museum-like atmosphere.


Ben had loaned Uncle AC his fancy dancy camera for the afternoon, but it was misbehaving. Since Mary has the same camera, Ben decided to check with hers to see what the problem might have been.


Lanark County has designated its own Seven Wonders. While they don't exactly rival the Great Pyramid of Giza or the Great Wall of China, they do possess a certain understated charm. Two of Lanark's wonders are located in Pakenham: the Five Span Stone Bridge and the St Peter Celestine Church.


The Five Span Bridge built very early last century with the spire of St Peters barely visible in the background. Only four of the five spans are visible in the photo.


All five spans.

How nice for the younguns to take the time to visit the olduns like that. We look forward to BenMar’s next visit whether it be in the singular or plural.

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7 Responses to With BenMar in Pakenham

  1. Since you have combined them…you should use the plural….I would…..just saying….;o)
    You KNOW I’m the “last word” on these types of things…Hahaaa
    They are a lovely couple and I’m drooling over that lens…

  2. QMM says:

    I think BenMar is one entity. At this point they appear as one. LOL. Ain’t young love wonderful. Congrats on Cuppa’s new iPad. How lucky. Love that old country store.

  3. Dimple says:

    I also think the plural….
    Pakenham is an interesting place and your photo of the five spans is really good!

    Old photos are a treasure, smudges and creases don’t change that, but I’m sure your scans can be cleaned up digitally. Most photo programs have some editing functions to play around with. I am just learning how it’s done…

  4. jinksy says:

    Hang out the flags! Your’s is the first blog I’ve been able to leave a comment on since the early morning! Blogger is on a Jinksy Boycott, for some reason. Love the look of that camera – wouldn’t mind a play myself! ā™„

  5. PBS says:

    Wonderful photos (I’ve missed seeing them…) It sounds like a great visit with The BenMar.

  6. Bernie says:

    It is definitely plural…..how lovely they stopped for a visit. I so love having family visit especially the young ones. Have a great Canada Day…..:-) Hugs

  7. Mary says:

    I love the debate (re: benmar singular/plural) that has occurred in the comment section of your blog, Juncle! I have no comment. It’s 1:52 a.m.

    We always have a lovely time visiting with you guys. Thanks for taking good care of us.

    Much love to you and Cuppa, always.

    This post made me happy. šŸ™‚

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