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A Photography Hint

When I talk about photography, please don’t take me to be claiming to know much about it or to be any good at it. That being acknowledged, there is one rule that I hear repeated, and when I think to … Continue reading

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Yes, We Have Daylilies

A few days ago I posted a bunch of photos of daylilies seen at a local nursery. We purchased some that day, but we already had a few in our garden. Without further ado, here they all are — both … Continue reading

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Experimenting with Photos

After mentioning Photoshop® and Topaz® and photo processing yesterday, I thought, that in order to carry on with the thought, I would present three versions of the same photo. A few days ago, we drove to nearby Almonte to visit … Continue reading

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Five Filtered Fotos

I am a Photoshop® guy; most of the photos that I post here have been through some adjustments, however minor, in that program. However, I have so far avoided the many commercial add-on filters that one can purchase for Photoshop. … Continue reading

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Photos from the Garden

It’s that time of year in Canada when gardens are pretty well in full bloom. Ergo (oh how I love typing ergo!), I opt to parade before your eyes a few flower photos from our garden.        

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Feline Fine

Although Cuppa and I are sans feline these days, we’re kind of cat people in this family.             Thesha recently took pity on a family that had to move on without their cats by adopting … Continue reading

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Daylilies Galore

We got an email notice from our favourite nearby perennial nursery that the daylilies were in peak bloom this past weekend. So, with Sunday being a climatically condign day in the midst of a heat wave, we motored to Whitehouse … Continue reading

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