Dazed by Daylilies

Mary G recently wrote a post about the glorious profusion of the common orange daylily out her way, about a half hour from here as the AC flies. I had to tell her that they were also doing well at our place: weller than wished for, however.

You see, I didn’t like them in their spot in our backyard, so I tried my best to dig them up last year. Well sir, they’re stubborn little blighters, and now they are back stronger than ever. In fact, before I tried my darndest to obliterate them, they never did grow as tall as that one plant in the photos below. So, yes Matilda, they are back with vengeance and vigour. That’s why I am dazed — a common occurrence in my case, but still …

Common Daylilies

Almost up the lattice work, which is close to five feet high.

Common Daylilies

A closeup of the lower plant in the above photo.

Although I confessed to attempting to eradicate the daylilies from that spot, there is a part of me that loathes to trash a posy. So, what I did was transplant a bunch of them to the easement on the outside of our backyard. The easement is there to give everyone in our townhouses access to their own backyards.

Common Daylilies

Daylilies in the easement

But you see a gap in the fence right where I planted the daylilies? That’s where the outer fence blew down in that ferocious wind storm in late spring. The only good thing about losing the fence, which we will have to rebuild at some point, is that passersby can now be treated to the splendour of the grass daylilies. Otherwise, I would be the almost only person to appreciate the flowers as maintenance (ie mowing) of the easement seems to have fallen solely to moi for some strange reason.

Common Daylilies

With the fence temporarily down, this is what the public sees when they pass by.

Common Daylilies

A close up of some of the same flowers as above, lit by the westering sun.

Common Daylilies

A real closeup ... er ... macro

Common Daylilies

Yet another macro

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7 Responses to Dazed by Daylilies

  1. The flowers are Really beautiful Ac! Love the close-ups especially…
    Have a great weekend!

  2. Hilary says:

    Beautiful. You did a fine job with those macros. I love tiger lilies.

  3. Dimple says:

    I love daylilies, they’re tough (stubborn). The deer don’t eat them. All they require is to be weeded out when they get too carried away with themselves! 🙂
    Your transplanted lilies are an improvement to the easement, IMO!

  4. Bernie says:

    Maybe I should get some of these plants if they will keep growing after all you put them through….lol I am having trouble growing anything especially this year. Have a great weekend….:-)

  5. Mara says:

    I would rather see those lovely flowers instead of a boring brown fence any day. Unless of course you were to paint the fence purple!

  6. Diana says:

    I like how the easement looks with the flowers. Somehow my husband is the only one that mows the strip down the center of our driveway which is an easement as well. It really makes me mad. If we didn’t have to drive over it, I’d plant flowers there too!
    Love Di ♥

  7. Mary G says:

    Nice macro, particularly the second. Did you meet the deer on the hill on the Watsons Corners Road? ‘Cause if you did, you were dern close to Chez G.
    And, yes, the orange lilies are impossible to lose completely, unless you cover the bed where they are with wet newsprint and top the newsprint with earth. Even then, a runner may come up a good way off and sneer at you.
    Am commenting on several posts at once. I know you will figure it out. Um?

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