Wheelers … One More Time

Edit: Ack … I didn’t mean to hit the Publish button, but I’m not going to take it back now. You may (or may not) wish to peruse the connected and previous Wazzit post as well.

As you might already know if you were one of the three people who read the previous post, we went to Wheelers Maple Syrup place on the weekend. While we were waiting to meet up with friends, I took the photos in the previous post as well as this one through the museum window.

From the Museum at Wheelers

In and through the museum window. The museum is a separate building from the restaurant (not shown in this photo).

Brunch at Wheelers

BIL was able to join us this time.

The friends we were waiting for weren’t friends at all. Well, they were that too, but they’re relatives — Cuppa’s sister and brother-in-law. The reason I was able to take so many photos before we met up with them is that the two couples suffer from alternate sides of the same disease — the inability to fathom how the clock works. What I am getting at is that Cuppa and I are always early and BIL and SIL are always late. It’s just the way we roll.

Anyhoo, the last time we met at Wheelers, BIL couldn’t join us for brunch because Elu the pooch was too distraught to let him out of her sight. The howling could not be ignored, so BIL walked Elu through the ample paths while SIL, Cuppa and I dined. This time they came sans dog so that BIL could join us, and a fine feast it was (above and below).

Brunch at Wheelers

BIL is a photography fanatic, much more so than I. He had a lot of fun with his newest Nikon. The capabilities of the camera are amazing. My seven-year-old Canon is archaic in comparison.

After brunch, I snapped a photo of the boilers on our way out. It’s a heckuva an investment in equipment that sits idle for most of the year.

Boilers at Wheelers

The maple syrup boilers

Brunch at Wheelers

On the verandah

The ladies waited for the laddies on the verandah whilst the boys perused the various antiques or old, well used equipment and implements for sale on the lawn.

The only picture I took of the sale was of this ringer washer. When was the last time you used one of those? I am not sure if my parents brought ours with us when we moved in 1962. I am sure that it didn’t last too much longer than that. So, it’s been more than forty to almost fifty years since we had one in the family.

Now that I am in a recollecting frame of mind, however, I suddenly recall Cuppa using one at the cottage in the early 70s when Thesha was a baby and we had many diapers to deal with. Her dad exhumed it from some corner or other of his basement hoarding for the purpose. It was quite a basement, let me tell ya.

Ringer Washer at Wheelers

Despite the name, it really wasn't all that EASY. I know that I got my hand caught in the rollers once when I was a child, and it also happened to my mother more than once.

Of course, I have posted of Wheelers any number of times, but each occasion seems like a post-worthy event because it’s located almost an hour to the west of us near a small community know as McDonalds Corners. It, therefore, qualifies as a trip, and a trip qualifies for a blog post.

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6 Responses to Wheelers … One More Time

  1. KGMom says:

    So, here’s the timing solution–tell them 1/2 hour EARLIER; tell yourselves 1/2 later–and you will all arrive just on time. 😉

    As for the washer–oh, yes–I remember my aunt with her first “automatic” washer. What I really remember is that roller–lethal.

  2. June Kellum says:

    Looks like a nice outing and visit you all had!

    LOL-I remember those washers very well . It’s what we had as I grew up in the 50s.

  3. Uthoooo…Do I see a new Nikon in your future?
    I’m “Team Canon” myself….
    Love the shots Ac!

  4. QMM says:

    Oh heavens do I remember those old washers. I looked at this one and remember that thingie that allows you to turn the wringer around to the rinse tub. Reminds me to be thankful for today’s appliances. It is too hot to ever go to the store here in Ky. right now. The humidity is horrible. Only go out early in the AM.

  5. Ginnie says:

    I’m interested in what sort of menu they’d have in a maple syrup store. Is it all pancakes, etc. or do they do a regular choice of food. Nice pictures.

  6. Diana says:

    My mom was still using a wringer washer in the 70’s until she got her new washer for Christmas one year. I still can remember the look on her face when she got that washer. I was around 13. She was elated!!
    Anyhoo, I wish we had a wheelers here, it looks like such a nice spot. Glad you all had a nice time AC. Love Di ♥

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