Six Grand Pics of Two Grand Grands

I haven’t been posting many pics of the grandkiddies lately, so it’s time.

Here we go.


ND and I still craft or art or some such on most days when little bro goes down for his nap. We have moved on from finger painting to doing something similar with cheap dollar store brushes, however. It's much less messy and therefore much easier on my nerves.



She stopped painting long enough to pose cutely for me.



A masterpiece!



Washing the paint cups. She really worked at it. Mom laughed when she came home and saw ND in this outfit. She claims that it's a shirt. So, what was it doing hanging with the dresses and not loitering in the shirt drawer? Eh?



Two firsts in one afternoon: one -- he climbed into the seat himself and strapped himself in. Too bad he's stuck once he does that. As for the other first: she was able to get herself going from a standing start, and once begun she was able to soar.



He has his cute moments.



Omigawd! He's become a little boy! And okay, the cuteness sometimes lasts longer than a moment.


Like it or not, I’m on a roll and will be posting more grand pics soon at a blog space near you. Soon.

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8 Responses to Six Grand Pics of Two Grand Grands

  1. Diana says:

    Wow I can see a change already. They are growing quickly! Zach looks older.
    They look very happy at Buppa’s daycare!
    Love Di ā™„

  2. These are Sweet Ac! Several “first”! They are growing up…sigh~
    That’s a shirt huh? Looks good to me too…Hahaa
    Happy weekend!

  3. Ginger says:

    They’re both such cuties. And I agree with you: that painting is a masterpiece!

  4. QMM says:

    No doubt they are growing up and wanting to do things on their own. They are both precious for sure. As for as your comment on Riedel name, it has been spelled and called about six different ways. I can remember when it was pronounced like “Riddle”. They came from Austria which is now called the Czech Republic.

  5. KLo says:

    Wonderful pics šŸ™‚ I think my daughter has that same stool, and I have many pics of her washing her hands in our sink that look much the same (except she’s blonde). And for the record, I agree that it’s a dress šŸ˜‰

  6. Ginnie says:

    The love for you just pours out of ND’s eyes in that first photo ! What a lucky grandad you are.
    They sure are growing up and it’s fun to be part of it.

  7. KGmom says:

    You (and Cuppa) are richly doubly blessed.

  8. judy says:

    Wow. He really HAS grown up!
    And she is quite the artist.

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