Daylilies Galore

We got an email notice from our favourite nearby perennial nursery that the daylilies were in peak bloom this past weekend. So, with Sunday being a climatically condign day in the midst of a heat wave, we motored to Whitehouse Perennials for a looksee. This is part of what we first saw. We have seen this field at other times although not quite so busting with daylilies.

Daylilies Galore

Part of the familiar flower gardens at Whitehouse Perennials

What we can never realized, however, was that there were more flower gardens down the pathway. And I guess we only discovered them this time because we asked about the location of a certain daylily that had an interesting name — having to do with our daughter’s wedding a few years ago. In the event, we were directed to the new-to-us field, and we were quite astounded by the acreage — all filled with row after row of daylilies of all sorts of shapes, sizes and colors.

Daylilies Galore

Part of the newly discovered field

This is the particular cultivar that we were seeking although this is not the sharpest photo that I took that day.



We determined to purchase that one and then continued to browse for other likely candidates and to take pictures every so often.





We ended up purchasing three for a spot that needed filling. We just told them what we wanted and they went and dug up the appropriate clump. The thing about daylilies is that they are not only attractive but very well suited to our local environment, so they are close to being a sure thing in our garden that can sometimes be problematic. Knock on wood.

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6 Responses to Daylilies Galore

  1. Ruth says:

    I was just thinking about your daylilies yesterday and was going to go back in your blog because I thought you dealt with some pesky bug on them last year. (maybe I am completely wrong) Anyway, my daylilies are destroyed this year by a little red beetle which is seldom visible. The pictures of them in your post make me want to fix the problem.

  2. Well, they are All SO pretty! I think I like the pink best though!
    Cool shots Ac!

  3. Jinksy says:

    Your first choice is certainly the coolest looking.:)

  4. Bernie says:

    I love pink! Enjoy your holidays…..:-)Hugs

  5. June Kellum says:

    WOW! What a treat this was! I’d love seeing all that for real! I love all colors of Daylilies! I have just a few!

  6. Lorna says:

    Only one word appropriate, other than daylily, and that’s gorgeous.

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