Photos from the Garden

It’s that time of year in Canada when gardens are pretty well in full bloom. Ergo (oh how I love typing ergo!), I opt to parade before your eyes a few flower photos from our garden.

Ivy Geranium

In our naturally occurring division of labour, Cuppa takes care of the hanging baskets while I do most of the in-ground stuff. This ivy geranium basket, therefore, falls under Cuppa's domain.



I planted Agastache this year. It's a soft plant that is supposed to be attractive to butterflies. While I haven't seen too many of those flitting about, the plant does seem to attracts bees. When I decided to snap the photo, the bee in this picture was on the bloom in the foreground, but it was a quick little thing.



Echinacea is great plant and a mainstay of my summer garden -- not that I exactly have a winter garden. šŸ™‚



Another Echinacea photo in which AC indulged himself by running it through arty filters.


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5 Responses to Photos from the Garden

  1. The flower garden is looking good, AC. The ones on our patio have withered in the recent heat wave, but then the annuals would have gone sooner or later – only sooner now cause watering was best saved for the veggies.

  2. Ginger says:

    Lovely photos! It looks like you’re drawn to the blues/purples.

  3. Oh! These are Beautiful! Look at the bee!
    Love the BIG photo Ac…Gorgeous shot!

  4. Diana says:

    OMG I forgot to water my plants!!!!!!!!!!!! It’s like 100 degrees out there, they are probably all dead now, crap!
    Oh well at least I have your beauties to look at!!!
    Love Di ā™„

  5. Bernie says:

    Looking good my friend, my hanging plants are just beginning to thrive now but the rest not so much, even marigolds are struggling…..:-)Hugs

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