Nikki Dee’s First Movie

An historic event occurred in Anvilcloudia this week. No, it wasn’t that Nikki Dee had a sleepover. Or that she soaked herself while watering the garden. Or that she got her Amma up at five o’clock. Or that she was as cute as the dickens. Because all of that is par for the course and not historic … though occasionally histronic.

Historically speaking, I and Cuppa took her to her first show, which in Nikki Dee’s mind is a big DVD. And I suppose that pretty well nails it.

Perhaps you would care to join us on this milestone adventure?


After waking up at 5, the little impy-doodle had a wee kip on the drive in. Unfortunately, Amma didn't although she kinda like needed one.



I don't know why she posed like this, but I thought I might as well do likewise ... although I forgot to point my toe. Silly Buppa!



Popcorn, of course! Niks always seems to think that she should be the one in charge of such exchanges, her chief interest being in getting her hands on the paper: ie the receipt. The young man was quite cooperative.



Both before and after the show, she felt the need to explore the almost empty venue. (Note: it was a morning showing.)



This is what we saw. It was a good choice: not too scary for a sensitive four-year-old. She squirmed a bit early on but then got quite wrapped up in the story. In case you are not in the appropriate demographic, it was a new Winnie the Pooh flick called, oddly enough, "Winnie the Pooh". Whodathunkit?



After movie, lunch, and a few errands, which included purchasing the magnifying glass that she is clutching in the photo, she was able to grab a few more zzz's on the drive home. Unfortunately, for Amma, she wasn't.

It was a good day! Perhaps, we will remember it, which would be nice because we sure can’t remember our own kids’ first movies. While we do recall taking them to various flicks, we don’t know which was first. Of course, they don’t either, so I don’t feel quite so bad. Now, due to digital cameras and blogging and our old age (thus, we are now wise enough to know that it’s a monumental event not to be easily forgotten), it will be enshrined in our memories. Or at least the record of the event should remain extant for quite some time to come.


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15 Responses to Nikki Dee’s First Movie

  1. judy says:

    I think my husband wished he had waited until our granddaughter turned four (only 4 more days!). He took her and her brother to see Tangled. She was WAAAY more interested in repeat visits to the bathroom at the movie theatre. So much for his nine dollar nap!
    I think Whinnie the Pooh would be a better choice. We may try that on this her weekend sleep-over.

  2. Ginger says:

    Cute! Cute dress, too.

    I’ve been wanting to see that movie. I need to borrow a kid, as my grands live way too far away!

  3. Mara says:

    A movie about Winnie the Pooh and they named it Winnie the Pooh? What will they think of next…

    I think the first film I saw in the cinema was with my Dad and my little brother and we went to see Bambi. I think. I am now wondering what the last one was that I saw in the cinema and for the life of me I can’t remember!

  4. Mary says:

    First movies are a milestone and glad you have recorded it in photos. ND looks like she really enjoyed it and I’m sure that Amma and Buppa did as well.

    I remember my first movie, but I was 14 years old and went with a friend from music class. “Little Shepherd of Kingdom Come,” and I loved it.

    You are making great memories with ND. Enjoy her. They grow up much too fast. Brandon is 16 and Jordan will be 14 later this month. Can’t believe how fast they’ve grown up.


  5. Ginnie says:

    I love that she got all spiffed up for her first theater experience. I’m sure she’ll remember her special day for years to come … and to have pictures of it is great !

  6. Although we haven’t taken the 4-1/2 year old grandson to a movie, it’s a good thought for the next visit. We’ve not sure if he has been to a movie theatre, but he does stay focused when watching the DVD movies at home. Did you get to nap yourself during the movie?

  7. QMM says:

    Precious. Of course Nikki Dee will look beautiful in any setting. I can just see her now exploring the theater. Lift that foot Buppa, point that toe.

  8. Laurie says:

    My son loved Winnie the Pooh and so did I! I used to buy him little sleepers with Pooh characters on them. He had every color they made in every size. Nicki Dee is adorable and it looks like she had a wonderful time at the cinema. Great memories for all of you.

  9. Ahhhh!! She’s adorable! And just, like, WHY didn’t Buppa point his toe??? For Shame!Hahaaaa
    My “first” was Old Yeller’…. heartbreaking story. I now firmly believe that’s why, to this day, that I like “Happy”…..I also cry easily!Lolol
    Wonderful Day!

  10. Dimple says:

    I loved going along with you to ND’s first movie. Winnie the Pooh is great, my mother read the stories to me when I was little, I read them to my kids, and now movies are added into the mix. You did a great job of recording and preserving the event!

  11. Lorna says:

    that child has such a sense of style. I can see her on a red carpet somewhere in the next few years.

  12. Diana says:

    I loved your pix marking the event AC!! I hope that ND enjoyed her first experience at the theater through the naps!! Going to the theater is one of the things that my granddaughter Sarah and I enjoy the most together. She loves seeing all of the previews to pick out what we will see next!! Love Di ♥

  13. Hilary says:

    Awww so sweet that you documented it for her. You’re a great Buppa!

  14. Ruth says:

    I heard that this movie is well rated. ND looks so cute all dressed up for her outing. The first movie I took our youngest to was Free Willy and she made it through the first 10 minutes only. The size of the screen and the characters overwhelmed her. I don’t remember her older sisters’ debut.

  15. Kila says:

    Aww, that is a neat milestone! I miss Pooh. My firstborn loved Pooh as a toddler.

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