Oh Muh Darlin

Come Monday, we’ll be off hols and back to the babysitting grind, so there is the off chance that I will be posting just a teensy weensy bit less. Brace yourselves, but you may not be getting a daily dose of pickies from Ole AC. No indeedy, it may only be every second day or whatever. I’ve sure been tossin puhlenty of photos your way lately though, and you’ll more than likely be glad of a rest.

Anyolehoo, one day we met Mom and Nikki Dee for lunch in town, and I do really like deese hear pickshurs of Oh Muh Darlin that we took at the restaurant.

Oh Muh Darlin

Oh Muh Darlin

Oh Muh Darlin

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4 Responses to Oh Muh Darlin

  1. She has Gorgeous eyes Ac! I can’t imagine who she’s reaching for….Lololol
    Don’t work too hard!
    Post ALL the photos you want! Love them!

  2. Mary says:

    These are great pics of Smudgeroo. Give her a squeeze from me.

  3. Say it isn’t so, AC, no daily postings!
    Enjoyed the latest pics of your darlin…but what about the boy?

  4. Diana says:

    There is no way these grandkids are spoiled. No way!!!
    Isn’t it fun?!!!! Love Di ♥

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