Lorna, Lunch and Loitering

When we drove into the city the other day, the main purpose was to visit and shop with our blog friend, Lorna. This was our fourth visit over the past two years.

Of course, when I say we wanted to shop, I didn’t mean MOI. No, I meant Cuppa who has been recently fulfilling her creative yen by learning to bead. Lorna is a more veteran practitioner of the hobby who knows of several good bead shops in the Byward Market which she offered to reveal to Cuppa in all their glory. So that was the intent of what was to become a shopping marathon.

Whenever we go into town, we always stroll around the market and generally have lunch or supper at the Heart and Crown (first photo, below). In six years of living in the Ottawa area, this place has the best fish and chips that we have found, and I do likes me my fish and chips every now and then.

Although we call it the Heart and Crown and always enter through that door, I guess it is better called the Irish Village (see sign to extreme right in the photo). The place goes on and on, and seems to change from one name to another as we go. If we leave by any other door and look back we see a name other than Heart and Crown. And yet, it seems to be all one place. It’s very strange.


The Heart and Crown is what we call it, but it's one name of several in this Irish Village complex.

After a nice chat and lunch, the girls headed off on their mission, dragging a poor, dejected AC in their wake. Lorna led Cuppa to her favorite bead store, and they were both so overcome that after several [seemed like] hours, they were too poopdicated and broke to bother with the other bead store. <shrug>Maybe next time.</shrug>


There were beads and more beads.



The ladies examined every bead and strand in detail -- at least twice!

After a stop for coffee, the rejuvenated ladies were ready to visit all sorts of other places. Feathers were purchased along with a parasol and I am at pains to remember what else. Perhaps the forgetfulness of old age isn’t altogether unkind!


Both women are stylish chicks despite ... well, let's leave it at that! Chicks!

Perhaps in the next post, I will show you some of the photos that I took whilst loitered (see post title) outside storefronts for interminable hours.

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10 Responses to Lorna, Lunch and Loitering

  1. Diana says:

    Oh my the ladies look very stylish indeed!! That bead shop was awesome. I don’t bead but I sure do love to look at them just the same!
    And The Heart and Crown looks like a quaint place, I would love to visit!
    Love Di ♥

  2. Girls and Beads just seem to go together….Alas, sorry you had to resort to loitering!Hahaaa….Can’t wait to see what shots you got whilst awaiting the ladies!

  3. Hilary says:

    Ooooh.. I see sparkly things! 😉

  4. Jinksy says:

    Cor! beads and a parasol…Posh!

  5. Bernie says:

    Beads and Chicks look lovely….:-)Hugs

  6. Lorna says:

    MARATHON? marathon? what a word to use for the pleasant and fairly abstemious grazing we did last week. Of course, “abstemious” is a relative word, but fitting for the context I thought.

    Can’t wait till next time—Dave and I are going to test-trial the fish and chips at Pier 21, a Maritime Pub in the market. We’ll let you know how it ranks. Unfortunate word…..

  7. judy says:

    Bead store envy occurred just from viewing the AWESOME pictures!
    Some night, if my husband cannot sleep, I shall take him to these pictures and he shall sleep.

  8. Mara says:

    Oh my, I feel for you. Although I do like me some shopping as well. Stick me in a bookstore or a cooking (utensil) shop and I am happy as a lark!

  9. Mary G says:

    Severe case of parasol envy here. And stop whining! How often does Cuppa wait while you exercise your interests?

  10. Kila says:

    Ooh, I would love that bead store. During the past year I started making my own jewelry, and have progressed to making pieces for friends and family per their requests.

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