I Have No Pictures

I’m sorry to report that I have no pictures.


Bookmark: the twisty part goes inside the book.

Huh AC? Whachoo takin about man? Cause I know dat dat deres a picture.

So, let’s back up a bit and explain the pictures before we try to explain the title and the topic sentence.

Regarding the photos, let me explain that Cuppa has a new hobby which she is jumping into with both feet, which is good. As plain as the nose on your face, she has gotten pretty creative, pretty fast. She has certainly gone far beyond simply stringing beads on a wire.

She say that she gets frustrated because she has all sorts of pictures in her head of what she wants to do, but she doesn’t always have the knowledge and expertise to create her vision. Yet!


Yes, the lady has vision. I think some or all of these components are slated to become a necklace. Color me impressed.

Having covered that, let’s move onto the explication of the “I Have No Pictures” lead.

Cuppa mentioning her vision, brings up a fundamental difference between her and me and doubtless between me and most of the rest of humanity. You see, I have no pictures in my head. They’re just not there.

Oh, I don’t see a blank wall when I dream, whether a sleepdream or a daydream. There’s a movie of sorts going on in me ‘ead. The same is true when I’m reading a story. Images do flash across my brain. It’s just that I would be extremely hard pressed describe them to you, for the moment that I try to consciously bring a picture to mind so that I can examine it, it leaves. More or less anyway although some fuzzy shape likely remains.

For example: if I were to daydream about a rabbit, I’m sure I would see a rabbit. I imagine that it wouldn’t be as clear as somebody else’s rabbit, but it would be recognizable and theoretically describable. Dreams happen spontaneously, so I see it, but I would have a great problem in freeze framing the rabbit in order to draw it. Oh, I can sort of see brown fur, big ears, and black eyes. But it’s all pretty vague and fuzzy. I just can’t picture the rabbit clearly.

Maybe that’s why photography is the only arty thing that I can do — sort of do at any rate. Because the picture already is there in front of me. Even then, when it comes to processing the image, it seems to be more a case of me saying,”I wonder what would happen if I were to do X, Y or Z?” rather than me knowing what I want it to look like ahead of time and then go about creating my vision.

I have been classified as a visual learner, and maybe that’s because I need to actually see a picture to properly comprehend the subject at hand. Perhaps that’s why I was a geography major and teacher — because I could always refer to a map. I can more or less see maps in my minds for some reason — at least in outline form

So, that’s a little something that you most likely didn’t know about me. In fact, for a long time, I didn’t realize that I was lacking in this respect compared to others. It wasn’t that I hadn’t figured out this vacuity before Cuppa mentioned the visions in her head the other day, but it did take me quite a while in this life to realize that I actually have something missing that most other people don’t. Some people can’t sing a note; others can’t do math or figure out directions. Me? I can’t see pictures very well in my imagination.

So be it.

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11 Responses to I Have No Pictures

  1. daffy says:

    Well hello there, I have chosen a wonderful informative entry to visit you on. Very interesting AC, as ever.
    I must pile praise on your good lady though! THose are amazing, I love the bookmark. What a clever lady! My dad used to make jewellry when I was much younger. He started during the miners strike amny years ago as a hobby. I wish he’d kept it up! Hope everyone is well xx

  2. Christina says:

    I too, have no pictures. I have a hard time visualizing finished projects of any variety. In school remember getting the flat, drawn out versions of cubes or other geometric shapes and we were supposed to visualize the finished three dimensional shape. Couldn’t do it. To this day, I have difficulties with it. I guess, that’s why people like us are drawn to people who do have pictures!
    Cuppa, I must say, is very creative. I absolutely love what she has made. Any chance she’ll offers some for sale–I’d love to buy a chunky,funky, hand made bracelet!

  3. Tell Cuppa her work is Beautiful! Love that bookmark!
    I can “picture” things in my mind….but lack sufficient talent to “birth” the idea…Hahaa…I also use to oil paint…

  4. Lorna says:

    If I were a jealous person, I’d have some hard words for Cuppa—imagine her leading me on to think she was a humble beginner! And as for you, I am sure there are lots of ways you could have used to illustrate your vision issues, not one that would tear my heart in as many pieces as if I didn’t have puffed sleeves on my favourite dress.

  5. Diana says:

    I have to go so I can’t read your post right now AC, but just want to say that I want it all!! Love Di ♥

  6. Bernie says:

    Love cuppa’s creative pieces, she has so much talent. I don’t have a creative bone in my body but I do wear beaded dresses very well…..lol

  7. Dimple says:

    I have some pictures; but they are of what I have already seen. If someone, my husband for example, tries to describe an object to me that I have NOT seen, he has to draw me a picture. I try to “see” it, but it just doesn’t work!

    Cuppa’s beading is gorgeous; I think that necklace will be a stunning creation when she finishes it.

  8. Pearl says:

    Interesting. When I go to make a picture, sometimes I can see it in detail, even sketch it as what’s in focus, then I go about trying to reproduce it with a camera but I used to not be able to see pictures in my head, except text. I could spell when I could see the word in my head, or else my hand knew. Until a couple years ago I could never picture anyone’s face. Then they started to trickle starting from childhood memories onwards.

  9. Ruth says:

    The artist types always carry detailed pictures in their brains. I am definitely not in that category which is why I draw stick people…I have no vision either. The jewelry must be featured when finished!

  10. Mary says:

    I love my Cuppa bookmark! It serves as a great reminder of you both every time I open my book.

    I’m right there with you AC as I also have no visions swirling around my head. It’s a somewhat disappointing realization especially when I am surrounded by the Tucker clan of visionaries. I want it…maybe one day.

  11. Mary G says:

    Not visualizing is not all bad. I’m like Cuppa – the version in my head is beyond my capacity to re-create on paper. Sometimes when I am writing, a sentence or two will meet my expectations, but in making a vision a reality, no. And it is mighty frustrating.

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