Sod Off, Sod On

I went for a little walk sore-ankled-crawl around the neighborhood just the other morning, and I must confess to being more than a trifle surprised to turn the corner and see a big, sod-bearing truck.

Why do I feel like I just said something dirty?

Once upon a time on a fine summer day, I did help a buddy to lay sod, and I tell you me that it was nothing like this. Even in my dotage I could still haul that sod around if I really had to, but trying to even budge one of these rolls would doubtless give me a hernia. In point of fact, merely thinking about it causes me to reach for my … uh … never mind.

There’s really nothing more to say, so drum sod roll please.

Rolls of Sod

Haul em, haul em.

Rolls of Sod

I'll take two of those please.

Rolls of Sod

Gunning for ya.

Rolls of Sod


Just then I looked over and saw a boxer sitting outside of his house, doubtless on his newly installed lawn. Notice that he’s sitting on the part that’s done. Since the pooch’s colors are similar to the house, I felt behooved bepawed to present this one in color.


I think the dog matches the house or vice versa.


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12 Responses to Sod Off, Sod On

  1. Tom says:

    Wow… great pics, my friend!! What a difference the sod makes. Hope you are having a great weekend. LadyCat and I are going down to Bardstown, KY to see the Stephen Foster Musical and the “My Old Kentucky Home”; the home he wrote the song about. It was not his but a friend’s where he often visited.

  2. KGMom says:

    Well, once again I hesitated–seeing your title.
    This is one interesting language quirk–in the UK, sod off is … um … an insult. Not so, in the US.
    When, as a teen, I returned to the US after growing up in southern Africa, I felt sneakily pleased when I would say “bloody” and not be swearing.
    So, folks, swearing isn’t really some divine infraction–it’s just temporarily breaking the social contract.
    On the sodding story you told, I have never seen such a truck. Interesting photo essay.

  3. Ginnie says:

    Well, that’s progress for you. I wonder how the lawns hold up over time? Maybe better than seeded from scratch ones.

  4. Diana says:

    Wonderful photos Ac. That sure is a lot of sod! I think this will make the boxer very happy! Great photos my friend, love the B & W’s!
    Love Di ♥

  5. garnetrose26 says:

    That is a lot of sod. *s* Love the b&w photos.

  6. Mary says:

    AC, that will be us next year. Mom’s back yard is in deplorable condition. I am going to have it rolled and sodded in the spring, so it’s easier to mow. Right now, it’s downright dangerous because there are indentations and holes everywhere. It’s hard to walk on and I’m afraid someone is going to break an ankle.

    Great photos and that dog is magnificent.


  7. Dimple says:

    I have seen sod being laid once or twice, but never from rolls like these! They remind me of the big, round hay bales that are so common now.

  8. Bernie says:

    I only have a small patch of grass in my back yard but I can’t grow anything there, I am thinking of having turf laid then a hammock put out there. Right now I only need to whipper snip the area now. Lovely neighbourhood and homes AC…..:-)Hugs

  9. Great shots!
    I’ve never seen this type of truck either…We use pallets…(flat squares) that are layed out by hand. Goodness, isn’t it getting late in the year to lay down grass? We usually do that in the spring to get a good root system going…unusual…

  10. Hilary says:

    Can’t help but wonder if the pooch is thinking “Did you seed what I sod?” 😉

  11. AC, this was a fun post with photos and captions. You have a wicked sense of humor and that’s something I really admire in a person. Just hope the sod crew remembered that “green side down.”
    Yes, that boxer really does go well with his surroundings, so wich did the folks by – dog to match house OR house to match dog?

  12. Kila says:

    Cool! I never saw rolls like that before. Here, they come in piles of squares.

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