Our Park and Pathway

It’s been awhile between posts — in Anvilcloudian terms anyway. I was on quite a tear for awhile, so I was happy to take a day or three off in any case. Then, somebody in Latvia was trying his or her darndest to hack my website, so I took that up with my web host. (Why Latvia? Why me?) Following that, the web host itself suffered a malfunction. As if that wasn’t enough, my WordPress software began to do really weird things — of which I will kindly spare you the details. In any case it hasn’t really been t·h·a·t long all things considered.

Now that I’m back,let’s all go out for a walk. There is a park within a block or so of us that leads to a pathway by the river, and I thought I would volunteer to be your tour guide.

This ↓ is the entrance to the park: a natural pond which has been enlarged. Unfortunately, in the enlarging process, the large frog population was all but wiped out. Bulldozers will do that. There is a playground, barely visible, off the the right. Beyond the pond, barely visible at this size is a little footbridge which leads to the path by the river. Way off in the middle background, your little eyes might espy a tree changing color. Good gracious me.


The semi artificial and all but frogless pond


The bridge to the pathway

A further ↑ and closer ↓ view of the bridge. In the closer view, you begin to see the river beyond. This is another part of the Mississippi River which I post from other locations from time to time.


A closer view and a better photo, I think

The following photo is the river itself from just the other side of the bridge. It is not navigable in this section, and in the past this town was really built on the natural siting for mills.


Lots of rapids on this portion of the river

Then (below), we go through little stretches of bush. Recently, a fence has been added on the land side to demarcate the subdivision, which you will see later, that is unfortunately being built. I thought the branch against the fence with some loosestrife in the background might make an interesting shot, but it didn’t exactly turn out to be a prize winner. Ah well.


Okay but no prize winner

A little further along, the path leaves the woods and follows the edge of the field. The goldenrod is in full bloom in mid August, and I tried to focus on a spot where it was slightly leaning over the fence.


Goldenrod over the fence

That’s all very nice, but much also has been lost as the town fathers and mothers have allowed development on the other side of the fence. I don’t think they have acted very far-sightedly in allowing this land to be developed rather than setting it aside for parkland. The community is growing fairly rapidly, and we could use another decently sized park in the future. “But think of the tax base, my dear.”


Ah well, we still have the path and the river … and the cute, little bridge.


What can I say?

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6 Responses to Our Park and Pathway

  1. Ginnie says:

    Ah yes. PROGRESS … on the other side of the fence ! Loved the other pictures though and aren’t you fortunate to still have that?

  2. Dimple says:

    Thanks for the stroll, I quite enjoyed it! The goldenrod over the fence is beautiful, and so is the river.

    I’m glad you got your site back! The link to one of your previous posts is still bad in my reader, but the rest at least brought me here!

  3. Mary says:

    AC, Love the photos. I would love to see this in person. It looks so calm and serene. Too bad they are allowing a subdivision to be built in such close proximity. Thanks for taking us on this guided tour. I agree this land should have been set aside for parkland but taxes are important you know. What would we do without them?


  4. QMM says:

    The same thing must be happening all over our world. Destroy nature build more things. Of course more people gotta have a place to live. Enjoyed your post on The NOW.

  5. It’s all too common that open spaces are being sacrificed for housing developments. Nevertheless, the park does seem like a lovely respite and hopefully will not endure future encroachment from those subdivisions.

  6. Iona says:

    Do I see a touch of HDR in the images? Topaz?

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