All About the Boy

I haven’t posted a whole lot about Zach lately, so to begin to make up for that lapse, here are some photos and descriptions.


I missed the first shot or three in this sequence because I wasn't expecting it. A week or so ago, he failed to climb such an abutment, but I suddenly saw that he just might do it this time. And he did!


A few seconds later, he sure seems pleased with himself.


Humorous pose, but he really is quite strong, which explains how he was able to climb that barricade. The other day, I had the kids help old Buppa 😉 off the couch, and his pull was much stronger than hers.


Unlike any child that I have ever known, he loves his afternoon nap. He will usually sleep happily for more than two hours, and I can't remember the last time he fussed because he was ready to get up before I came in to wake him. Usually, I wake him when I decide that enough is enough, and it is only when I begin to scuttle around his room that he revives. Sometimes, the waking is easy, but sometimes he is deep. In either case, he is content to lie in bed and often feign to be asleep, just as doing in this photo. He's the less furry one btw. 😉


Both kids wanted to sit on Amma's bike the other day. He was happy to be there. When she had her turn, she, the older one, was most eager to get down.


Recycling pickup has become a weekly ritual. The worker is very nice and plays along with the kids.

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5 Responses to All About the Boy

  1. Lorna says:

    He’s starting to not be a baby or toddler. How did that happen?

  2. Oh Ac! Isn’t he Beautiful?!!! LOVE the first shots…you Always know how to do these niffty little photo shows!
    He’ll be 15 before you realise it!

  3. KFMom says:

    Wonderful series.
    Is he “quieter” than his sister? He always looks like the strong silent type. Maybe looks are fooling.

  4. judy says:

    What a doll he is!
    Isn’t it just the greatest when a child loves a good nap?

  5. Hilary says:

    He’s just adorable. I love the portrait in the Old Navy hat and sleepy time shared with the cat. And no, I didn’t mean it to rhyme. 😉

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