He’s Done it Again!!

When is this boy going to stop with these prodigious feats that a two-year-old shouldn’t be doing?

Fence Climbing 1

They are both on the play stove and begin to climb.

Fence Climbing 2

She backs down. He keeps going.

Fence Climbing 3

Stop there boy!

Fence Climbing 4

King of the castle.

Mom now claims that the play stove is destined for the trash heap.

Meanwhile, she doesn’t climb like he does, but she’s my girl.

My Cutie Pie

My Cutie Pie

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7 Responses to He’s Done it Again!!

  1. Hilary says:

    That boy is a going concern.. and a cutie. As is his adorable sis. Fun photos, AC.

  2. judy says:

    Oh, this post makes me soooo thankful. Thankful that we decided on the fencing with the ‘steps’ inbetween the slats. Although I’m sure I know a two year old who will figure out a way around that. Two year old boys are something else entirely…

  3. Mara says:

    ‘I only climbed up, isn’t that what fences are for?’

  4. OooohNooooo!! A Climber who actually LOVES climbing! ‘Gonna Really have to watch him! But what Dolls! Look at those innocent faces (wink wink)!!Hahaaaa

  5. Mary says:

    I love these pictures, AC. They are really cute.

    Next the boy will be climbing trees, cars, and straight walls! Look out.

  6. Ginnie says:

    Yikes … you have your job cut out for you … keeping an eagle eye on your little 2 year old, but it would be a shame to put a damper on that adventursome spirit.

  7. The “king of the castle” shot really summed up Zach’s climbing adventure, AC.

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