Racing and Sauntering

Walking to and from the playground with the two grands can be quite an adventure. She races ahead, causing Buppa to constantly yell for her to wait. I could keep up — possibly — except that I also must keep tabs on him: he who is habitually sauntering behind. He’s in no hurry, or if he is, his short little legs prevent much acceleration. It didn’t help that he was insisting on porting the bag of buckets and shovels that we had taken to the playground, but truthfully, he would have lagged way behind anyway.

I was standing in one spot for today’s two photos. I pointed the camera up the path to take her picture (after yelling at her to halt for the umpteenth time), before turning back to take his picture. Keep in mind that he had already made up some distance by the time I snapped his photo.

Yes, indeed, the simple act of walking to the park and back becomes quite the exercise with these two munchkins.

Note: Before you assume we live in the sticks, this just happens to be an undeveloped track of land. I think the story is that it belongs to the township while the subdivision (up the incline to the left in the first photo, where the kidlets do dwell) lies within the town. It’s a very odd juxtaposition, but I am glad of it because I just love using that word.

What word is that again, AC?

Juxtaposition. That’s the one.

Walking Home from the Playground

Hang on a minute, will ya!!

Walking Home from the Playground

Little fella hauling big toy bag

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3 Responses to Racing and Sauntering

  1. Hilary says:

    I suspect that Buppa gets his decent share of exercise in this process, too.

  2. June Kellum says:

    🙂 I LOVE your adventures with the kiddies! That looks like an interesting place to walk! Those 2 kids are so lucky to have you and Cuppa in their lives! Reminds me a lot of the way we were with our ‘grands.’

    🙂 I like that word too-although it’s prolly not one this old gal will use a lot!

  3. We had a tract of land like that at the end of our street (cul de sac)…the kids used it for a playground when they were little. It’s gone now….
    Love the Babies!!

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