The Little Mother

Nikki Dee is not only a lovable kid but also very loving. When she encountered this boy at the playground, she gave him a hug. Poor boy didn’t quite know what to make of that, but later he was happy to play in the sand with Little Mother. (Sorry about the hair, but when Buppa is on call in the morning, it shows.)

At the Playground

It was soon time to transfer her mothering instincts to an even younger child, who didn’t seem at all perturbed by the helping hand.

At the Playground

At other times, she is quite happy to relinquish her mothering duties in order to assume the rightful role of a carefree child.

At the Playground

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5 Responses to The Little Mother

  1. Mary says:

    She’s the best.

  2. Dimple says:

    She has learned early never to let go of her purse! 🙂 Cute shots, and no worries at all about the hair!

  3. A Natural Caregiver!! A Doctor perhaps???

  4. Doris says:

    Love the photos (especially the last one) and her hair looks great – long and free.

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