The Rogues and The Mill

We are about to head to the cottage for the long weekend or part of it. Maybe, just maybe, I’ll bring back a few photos. Dya think?

Speaking of photos, perhaps you recall this one from Celtfest in July?

the rogues004

Well, perhaps you don’t, but this week it was used in the Celtic Music Magazine — an email newsletter for those of us who are silly about this kind of music. 🙂 The guy who writes it asked for up to three photos from one of the summer’s Celtic music festivals, so I sent in this one along with two others. It appears in this webpage, which is identical to the email letter. The picture is about halfway down, with no description, but there is a credit. Apparently, I will receive a free CD as an honorarium of sorts. Cool.

Bragging over.

Meanwhile, I did go back to the mill of which I posted a number or photos just about a week ago. I thought I was being clever by targetting The Golden Hour. I mean to say, isn’t it  a great idea to take pictures in the best light of day. Well … wait a minute AC … what if the setting sun isn’t actually hitting the building? Uh oh. Live and learn.

The setting sun was, however, lighting the top of the old mill, giving the building some contrast. The good thing is that I remembered my tripod. The bad thing (aside from my miscalculation about golden light) was that there were some kids in the way (bottom right of first two photos). What canya do? Eh?!

So … without further ado, here they are. Ta da!

Aside: this is the link to The Golden Hour Calculator. It will find your position and inform you as to this best time (often) to take pictures.

The Mill Reprised

The Mill Reprised

MacArthur Mill Reprise

MacArthur Mill Reprise



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7 Responses to The Rogues and The Mill

  1. Hilary says:

    They’re fine shots, AC. You might find that it’s better bathed in that golden sunlight at a different time of year, and of course, different time of day. Congrats on having your photo published.. very cool!

  2. Always Knew you’d hit the big time! Congratulations!!! Have always thought your photos were great….The colors and clarity are Spot On! And the building shots have a beauty all their own…light and dark. I think (who am I ) it adds more interest to the shots….Well Done!
    Have fun at the cabin!!

  3. Congratulations on being published! And who doesn’t love free compensation?

    I love old buildings, sunrises and sunsets. Being up at sunrise not only allows for some great shots, but often you are the only one out and about so you have the place to yourself to enjoy and appreciate.

  4. Dimple says:

    Congratulations on being published! I followed your link, and the pic looks good on the page. I like the way the musicians are leaning toward the center of the shot.

    The light is wonderful at the mill, even if it wasn’t what you envisioned. I think the second shot is the best of this series. I wouldn’t have even noticed the people if you hadn’t mentioned them, but if you cropped a little closer on the sides, so the tree trunks on the left and right were very near the edge, they would be gone! But it’s a really good shot just the way it is…

  5. Well Ac, I knew you were a great photographer! And the photos of the Mill just make me want to visit there. What a cool looking place! Love Di ♥

  6. Ginnie says:

    I think the lighting on the mill makes much more interesting pictures than it would be otherwise. Clever of you to use it that way and, by the way, Happy Birthday to you and your daughter…she’s a beauty and her dad’s pretty cute too!

  7. Lorna says:

    Those kids in camouflage gear? Those are amaZing goden-light photos, and of course, I love the kilted stalwarts.

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