Well, I’ll Bee!

We’re away this weekend, but on the off chance that someone might drop by on a Sunday (usually a quiet day in blogdom), I thought I’d post these pics from a walk with Nikki Dee on Thursday. I took her to McDonalds for my birthday, and after following up with an ice cream cone, which she thought she deserved, we went for a little walk in the little patch of woods on the other side of the river.

We noticed a bee on the goldenrod, and I tried desperately to get a well-focussed, sharp picture. I have tried several times this year, but the little blighters flit so quickly that I have yet to succeed. This effort was no exception; ironically, however, the wasp, which I didn’t even see when I was taking the picture, is fairly sharp.


A little later on the path, we spied the frantic hopping of many little frogs. All but this one darted right across the path and back into the bush, but this guy decided to rely on his camouflage, which didn’t quite work 🙂 . I think it’s a leopard frog or even a northern leopard frog, but I stand sit to be corrected.


We’re not away for long and may return as soon as this evening.

Next week is a big one because Nikki Dee will begin what will likely be a minimum of 14 years in the education system.


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7 Responses to Well, I’ll Bee!

  1. The Things we do for a great shot!!Hahaaa….These are Wonderful Ac! Sitting OR standing….
    Hope you two are enjoying you time off!

  2. Lorna says:

    OMG—I never thought of it that way—now I hope I can hold on to that thought about minimum 14 years of school until Robyn turns 4. And see, it is SO all about me.

  3. I have yet to perfect the art of honing in on what I WANT to focus upon instead of what the camera chooses to focus upon. As in the wasp opposed to the honey bee. I feel your pain. At least you are close enough to your grandkids to enjoy their antics; we only see ours once or twice a year and they grow and change so quickly. I can’t believe my grandkids are now 18, almost 15 and almost 9. Cherish your moments.

  4. Hilary says:

    I love those happy accidents. Lovely shots. I’ll bet Buppa will shed a wee tear on that first day of school.

  5. Glad Nikki Dee enjoyed that ice cream and McDonald’s trip for your birthday celebration, AC. Frog shots are always good to capture.

  6. Mara says:

    She’s starting school already? It seems only like yesterday when I saw the first photos of her being so tiny!

    I love your wasp/bee photo. I once lay on the ground for about ten minutes to get a good shot of a bumble bee and after I had deleted about 25 photos, I finally had a good one! The things you do indeed…

  7. Ginnie says:

    Hope you’re having a relaxing and fun weekend!

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