Excavators at Rest

It was a short weekend with a quick trip to the cottage on Saturday afternoon followed by a scamper home on Monday morning. While it was of short duration, it was good to see extended family once again. I enjoyed a little photo shoot with my maniacal photographing BIL. He is even more into the pastime than I, so it is not for naught that I call him a maniac. 🙂  Even though we use different camera brands, he was able to show me a few things about my new toy because it’s the same model that his son owns.

Although I took photos over the weekend, this series came from a stop in town last week. When I was driving by the site, I saw that the sun was throwing decent light and that all was quiet on the site, so I could trespass with impunity. So I did.

These four photos of two excavators, along with a backhoe showing in most of the shots, progress from a normal view to an extreme closeup. Feel free to tell me which you like best or dislike least … or whatever works for you.


Excavators Close

Excavators Closer

Excavators Closest

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5 Responses to Excavators at Rest

  1. I like the first photograph (and your use of HDR) because it shows the size of these behemoths. Then I like the reflection in the window of the second photograph, plus you are able to see detail of the machines themselves plus the tracks they make in the dirt, without losing the sense of what the machine are. If that makes sense.

  2. Hilary says:

    There are fine qualities about all of them .. the colours,. perspective and composition are all make for wonderful shots.

  3. Like them All…especially the third one! Great clarity on All of them!!

  4. Dimple says:

    I like the first two, but my favorite is the first one. The machines look as though they are lined up, in point, ready for the opening bars of the music for their ballet. It’s a little difficult to imagine these machines dancing, but that’s what I see! I know, I’m a little odd sometimes!

  5. AC, who have thunk that earth-moving equipment could be so interesting, certainly you (and me too). My preference is the first photo.

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