Where We Were

On the weekend we drove to cottage country. Our inlaw’s have a large, mostly forested, recreational property on the Canadian Shield. On the east side, the property’s boundary is the Crowe River which meanders a lot in this area although it becomes quite a torrent farther downstream. The grassy portion of the bank (lower right, around the willow tree) is where we access the river if we want to swim β€” which we certainly didn’t on the weekend.

On the spur of the moment, I snapped three shots to stitch into a panorama in Photoshop. At one time, I would have had to do this stitching manually, but Photoshop has automated the task and done it so well that I didn’t need to do any tweaking afterward. (You can see this panorama somewhat larger by clicking here, which I recommend because panoramas become quite skinny.)

A Meander in the Crowe

Those who have frequented my blog in the past will possibly recall seeing other versions of the following pictures. The day was cloudy, so I made sure to keep a subdued tone in these photos. Not every photo has to pop. πŸ™‚

At the Cottage

This is the older of the two small barns on the property.

At the Cottage

This building was once a planer mill, but my BIL, who is actually in the photo) converted it to a gazebo type of building. It's an escape -- at least a partial one -- from the hungry bugs of northern Ontario. (I know it's not really north, Philip.)

At the Cottage

The bench by "the swimming hole" on the bank of the river.

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6 Responses to Where We Were

  1. Mary says:

    Will you be posting more photos of the farm, AC? I can’t seem to get enough, ever. The farm brings a wonderful calmness over me, even if it is in picture form. This set is beautiful.

    Brian is going to show me how to do HDR today. Hopefully over the next few days, I’ll have some pictures to share.

  2. Ginger says:

    It looks like a lovely place to slow down and relax.

  3. How Beautiful! Crisp, clean!
    Love the photos Ac!

  4. Ginnie says:

    What a lovely place. Too bad you didn’t have little Nicki Dee with you. I loved the pictures in your last post and could just see her cavorting here too.

  5. Dimple says:

    Nice panorama! (Actually, all these are good…I spotted your BIL!) I once had my camera on panorama mode accidentally: I had to crop the result to get anything usable. I hadn’t tried it at all after that (for about 2 years) until this week, but I had fun with it and will probably use it more often now. Hmm, I wonder if one can do a macro panorama….

  6. Kila says:

    I really like the second photo. I have an affection for old barns πŸ™‚

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