First Day Portraits

The young lass went of to school this week — to Junior Kindergarten to be exact. She will be going everyday and all day, Monday through Friday. That’s a lot for a wee one, but every second day is actually a headstart/daycare type of program rather than JK per se. It’s all part of an initiative to get kids off to a good start to their school years. For all I know, Ontario may be the only jurisdiction in North America that does this full day program for kids that young, partly to relieve the strain on working parents. It makes me kind of proud to tell the truth.

Of course, the camera was working overtime on the first day, and I will post more pictures of the events, but in the meantime, I want to share three portraits taken that day. I call them portraits, but of course, they are fleeting snaps with available lighting — hardly portaits in the studio sense.

As you will soon see, despite the fact that there are five photos, there are only three poses — all in black and white or a tinted more sepia-like version. Not able to make up my mind whether I prefer the straight b&w or the tinted version, I offer both in two cases. Also, I accidentally had the camera set to overexpose, so they are unintentional high key photos, which I actually like.

Note to self: check the camera setting before you start shooting, AC.


First Day of School I

Nikki Dee in B&W

First Day of School II

The tinted/sepia version

First Day of School III

In the same spot with brother

First Day of School IV

Same as above, but tinted

First Day of School V

Finally, taken at school with her backpack.

I recommend that you click here to see the last photo on black. It just looks better.

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10 Responses to First Day Portraits

  1. Mara says:

    Oh my, doesn’t she look all grown up! I love the last photo especially. Beautiful!

  2. June Kellum says:

    These are beautiful!

    She will do just fine in school….YOU will be the lonely one!!


  3. Mary says:

    I love the shot with the backpack. I have a feeling she is going to do very well at school. It just seems like her kind of place. Can’t wait to hear stories.

  4. KGmom says:

    There is something particularly evocative about photos in black and white. The eye focuses on the subject, the composition, the mood of the image. Color, while splendid in photos, sometimes distracts.
    Hope the young lass finds all-day K to her liking. Children who attend all-day kindergarten have a real boost in later learning.

  5. AC, got to go with the last photo and the one with Zac as being favorites this post. You are right that the last one stands out much better on black. Bet you are already missing Nikki Dee who does look even a wee bit older than in recent shots.

  6. I cannot believe how grown up she looks. Well I actually can but it just still amazes me how time flies. Especially when they start school. This should make a bit of an easier day for grandma and grandpa but I know how much you will miss each other. Just think of all of the new stories you will get to hear! Very nice portraits AC.
    Love Di ♥

  7. Ahhhhh!! I’m with Junie! You’ll miss her!
    These are Wonderfully done! I don’t know How you manage to mess up and come out looking fantastic….Hahaaaa…

  8. Dimple says:

    She does look grown up! I like the last shot, and the black background is, indeed, the better presentation. But all are wonderful portraits!

  9. Ginnie says:

    I much prefer the black and whites and love the one of the two of them.

  10. Kila says:

    Aww… Love watching the kids grow up through your lens… The last one is my favorite.

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