Down in the Barn

Last weekend, Brian (my photography nut BIL) and I went out to do some shooting in two of the buildings on his recreational property. I thought they would make great subjects for HDR photos, and I think I was right — for once. So off we went with tripods and high hopes.

He has a small red barn, which makes for a fine photo from the outside, but it was time to peer inside. These photos are from the lower level. I think I may prefer the b&w rendering of the first photo, the color version of the second, and I’m not sure about the third pair which is really the same as the second but in landscape orientation. Having said that, I am not terribly convinced of any of these supposed preferences and could change my mind … oh … about two minutes from now. I am also unsure why I might prefer the renderings that I do. However, if you look at the two b&w versions of the rocking chair, you may notice that I processed the second to have a warmer tone than the first; perhaps that is why I like it better. Or not. (And who knew that b&w could have so many tones?) This change in processing wasn’t deliberate; my preference simply shifts from one darkroom session to the next.

They are all HDRs. In the first photo, especially, you can see why an HDR can be effective because in a normal exposure either the window highlights would be blown out or the interior would be too dark. HDR, supposedly melds the best part of two or more exposures. Although three is the norm, some photographers take as many as nine different exposures, going from very light to very dark. My camera will only permit three auto bracketed exposures unless I try to get tricksy, which I haven’t yet.

The final photo is of Brian, sitting at the kitchen table after breakfast one morning. For some reason he is a very interesting photo subject, especially in black and white.

Brian's Stuff Color

Brian's Stuff B&W

Where's Brian?

Where's Brian?

Brian is Still Off His Rocker

Brian is Still Off His Rocker

There's Brian

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11 Responses to Down in the Barn

  1. KGmom says:

    Well, well–you are up early. But, then, so am I.
    Hmmm–on the paired photos–I prefer the color version of the first much more. The nuances of shades of brown, with hints of dull red.
    The second and third–yes B/W definitely. Mostly because the color touches are distracting. I find myself wondering WHAT the items are…and thinking, wow–that place could use some “redding up” (how’s that for a good old PA Dutch expression?).
    Your BIL has a face with character–that’s why he is an interesting photo subject.

  2. Dimple says:

    If you get 2 comments from me, you can delete one, I seem to be having connectivity issues.
    I like the first pair about equally, the color in the second, and the b/w in the third.
    The why’s: 1st: b/w shows texture better, but color also works very well.
    2nd: Don’t know, but maybe because blue is my favorite color.
    3rd: Color has too much info, my eye can’t settle down.
    I like the landscape better than the portrait, it gives more context.
    Your BIL looks natural and unimpressed by the camera, I like the result!

    I hope this one, at least, goes through!

  3. I love the ALL! This HDR thingy is so Cool! Everything is SO crisp Ac!

  4. AC, the barn is wonderful but heck with all those shots cause for me the portrat of your BIL is more interesting. You do wonderful work with catching people NOT looking like they are being photographed, which of course is the best part about candid portraiture (at least in my mind).

  5. QMM says:

    I agree about the candid photo being the best kind. The B&W look like NatGeo photos.
    Been away too long, I missed a lot of good shots.

  6. lorna says:

    I have yet to see you publish a bad or even eh! photo, black & white, sepia, colour, landscape, objets d’art or people and I refuse to try to break my brain making choices.

  7. Mary says:

    All the photos are very interesting and yes, your BIL makes a great subject. As for the rocking chair photo, I like the first best. I’m not sure why. The first barn photo is also a favorite. I think it is because it looks more like art.

    Hope all is well with you and the family.


  8. Me thinks that perhaps you should consider starting a brand new career! I am so jealous AC!!! That isn’t very Christian like is it? Well what can I say?! They are great!
    Love Di ♥

  9. The first, the cropped colored rocker, the portrait style b&w of the rocker over the more sepia. And the portrait of your friend is terrific. I have started to look forward to these studies of yours.

  10. Mary says:

    I’ve keep returning to this set of pictures, AC. They’re beautiful. I’m particularly fond of the first and third shot. I love the shot of BIL, too. Thanks for the HDR email. I’m playing around with HDR in my free time. Hoping to get out today to take a few pictures.

  11. Kila says:

    Love these, especially numbers 1, 3, and 5. I like 6, also. Great candid shot of BIL.

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