Sunrise over the Mississippi

When you blog long enough, you see yourself stumble through various stages. Early on, I was happy to be mostly a prose guy, sharing my thoughts. Then came the time when I blogged a lot about the grandkids and proudly showed their pictures. In between were the bicycle riding days, linedancing times, and little or big trips here or there. There have been times for reminiscences, heritage explorations and blogs about my pathetic attempts at fiddling.

Photos have always been a part of my blog, but they became a big part when the grandkids came along. However, the pictures were usually there for a purpose. Lately though, I seem to be posting photos just for their own sakes. It’s just where Old AC seems to be at these days. Who knows how long this phase/interest will last?

To wit: just the other morning, I woke up too early for my liking, or so I thought. Instead of making a futile effort to grab a little more zzzs, I decided to get dressed and go for a little walk. And then I decided to take my little camera with me.

Off to the park we went and were just in time to catch the sunrise. I haven’t caught too many sunrises in my life, at least not in good weather when Ole Sol rises early (note: winter hardly counts), but I was pleased that morning as I turned into our local park. The sun was just peeking over the treetops and reflecting in the pond. While I have processed the photo a little, I have tried to remain pretty faithful to what I think I saw that morning. It was pretty doggone neat.

Sunrise over the Pond

I walked through the park and across the footbridge (see it way in the background above) to the riverbank which is just beyond the bridge. By the time I did all of this, the light was already changing, but I still quite like this photo of Sunrise over the Mississippi.

Sunrise over the MississippiAll in all, I think it was a good decision to get up and get out. Oh … and to take my little camera long.

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10 Responses to Sunrise over the Mississippi

  1. Mara says:

    I keep saying the same thing about your photos: they are fantastic! Especially that first one. I wouldn’t mind having that one on my wall. It seems almost symmetrical which of course it isn’t. I love it!

  2. Ginger says:

    Having an academic specialty in human development, I like the idea of stages. 🙂 And these photos are absolutely gorgeous, AC. The setting/editing you’re using has made the recent ones look a bit like Andrew Wyeth’s style of painting.

  3. How Beautiful…..!!!
    You just keep getting Better and Better! Super sharp and the colors are gorgeous!
    Keep Clicking!!!

  4. Oh AC these are just beautiful! I can see them used for a story. They look like a magical, almost mystical place. You are getting quite good with the photo thing! It really makes me wish I could do better. Love Di ♥

  5. June Kellum says:

    Oh, my-YES!! These pictures are BEAUTIFUL and well worth getting up for! Thanks for sharing!


  6. judy says:

    Wow. Gorgeous pictures!

  7. KGmom says:

    Oh oh oh–just stunning.
    Glad, too, that you got up and out.

    By the way, our recent trip, referenced on FB, was to Thousand Island area, in NY. Everyone there calls it “north country”–irrespective of the REAL north country being north of there.

  8. I keep trying to wrap my head around your pictures of the Mississippi River in CANADA, having seen in all along the various states here in the US of A. That being said, I’m still leaning toward a Maxfield Parrish look to your photographs and I mean that as a compliment. I personally find my days seem calmer and more enriching when I’ve been outside early photographing a great sunrise; just being out in the peace and quiet by myself (because it’s rare to find others out simply wandering) makes a great start to my day.

  9. Ruth says:

    Both pictures are excellent but the first is my favourite.

  10. Kila says:

    Beautiful, thank you for sharing. Good job capturing the colors.

    I usually sleep through sunrises, being a night owl. Love to photograph sunsets. 🙂

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