First Day … Again

I used to do a lot of these types of collages for the family photo album, but we take so many pictures that I kind of lost heart. However, I did want to put something together commemorating  Nikki Dee’s first day of school. When done, I didn’t much like the result, for I have done much better. I told Cuppa that I was going to do them over in three or four portrait orientation collages, but I don’t suppose that I’ll get around to it. If I do, I will re-post, but in the meantime, here we are.

First Day of School

Top Row: dressed and raring to go. ... // ... Middle Row: leaving the house and walking to the school door. ... // ... Bottom Row: final words with Mommy and going in, forever changed.

The second collage is her first bus rides: coming home on the first day and going on the second day.

First Rides on the School Bus

Top Row: coming home on Day 1 ... // ... Bottom Row: leaving on Day 2 (first day to go on the bus)

She loves going to school and taking the bus. Being first on but not first off suits her just fine. I think her enthusiasm has helped some of the children who are less enthralled about being parted from home and Mom.

Buppa, however, had a few sniffles over the whole situation.

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9 Responses to First Day … Again

  1. Ginnie says:

    She will treasure these collages when she’s older. I love the one where she is wearing her backpack and bravely going it alone to the door of the school. She will be a leader, for sure.

  2. Mary says:

    AC, Yes, forever changed. I remember Brandon’s first day at school. I walked with him and cried all the way home. LOL I had major separation anxiety. He did quite well.

    Beautiful collages and great memories here.

    Hope you and Cuppa are both doing well.


  3. lorna says:

    Well of course you did, you old softie. And how many thousands envy you for your feelings and the artistic ability to express it?

  4. KGmom says:

    It really does send them on that life journey, doesn’t it? School is the first truly independent step children make–with lots of help, of course.

  5. How wonderful that Nikkie Dee was so excited about going to school! The joy and anticipation on her face has been caught beautifully in your snaps. Love the hot pink shoes!

  6. AC, even if you feel the collages were not your best effort, they do tell the story of Nikki Dee’s new adventure quite well.

  7. Kila says:

    Aww, very nice!

    Your posts make me smile 🙂

  8. What an exciting day indeed!
    Love Di ♥

  9. Mary G says:

    The school is so big and she is so very small. And the backpack! I hope she loves school.

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