At the Chippy

To do something a little different, Cuppa and I took the boy to the chippy.

The Chip Truck

We have many chippies in town — too many really — but this is my fave. The fries are good; there is a seating area (as opposed to being in the middle of a parking lot); and, there is a canopy to offer protection from the elements, which is good because it was drizzly, as you might ascertain from the boy’s garments. Most of them will shut down after Thanksgiving (next weekend) but perhaps this one will remain open longer because of the more protected  site. I’m not sure.

At the Chip Truck

He waited patiently and happily with Amma whilst Buppa made the order. ↑

But as we continued to wait, the excitement mounted. ↓

At the Chip Truck

At the Chip Truck

And then the chips came. ↑  Mmm mmm good … almost as good as the post snack activity of arranging pebbles on the bench.  ↓

At the Chip Truck

In fact, it was all good, but permit me to address some of the terminology used in the post before I depart and before you move on to more clever blogs.

For one thing, we don’t call them chippies on this side of the pond. They’re Chip Trucks. I just like saying chippy.

For another thing, we call them fries, not chips. Even if we go to the chip truck, we eat fries. While we all understand what chips are in this context, we generally call them fries to distinguish them from potato chips. Again, the Brits have us beat because potato chips are crisps over there, so they are free to call fries chips without causing rampant confusion.

While I do loves me these Britishisms, we do have them beat when we call our portable phones cells as opposed to mobiles. One syllable beats two (or three depending how you choose to look at it although I think it’s officially two) any day of the week.

Now if we could be like the Aussies and call barbecues barbies, I would be really happy. I wouldn’t even mind resorting to the more American (as I perceive it) grills and grilling. But barbecues they remain. In writing we can shorten it to bbq, but that doesn’t much help in speech.

Anyolehoo (there I go again), if you are mesmerized by the whole chip truck thing, there’s one for sale beside the one in use in the photo below.

The Chip Truck

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11 Responses to At the Chippy

  1. June Kellum says:

    AC-This was a fun post to read-and a fun outing for your boy ‘grand,’ I’m quite sure. Boy kids like adventures of this kind!

    Ohh- those potato things are always fries to me! 😉

  2. Fries here too…BUT! I Only dip them in Mayonnaise…Learned that in Germany.
    He is TOO Cute Ac!!

  3. Mary says:

    You three are the cutest! Your faces make me smile!

    I’m going to try and write you a wee email tonight to fill you in on what’s happening in my ‘teaching career’ (ha).

  4. Diana says:

    Very interesting!
    Love Di ♥

  5. Hilary says:

    Love these – and I can almost smell the vinegar from here. There’s one decent chip truck near-ish to the cottage. It’s similar in appearance to yours complete with seating area. The chips (among other treats) are good but they have one HUGE fault. They water down their vinegar.. to near nothing. Bad chippy truck!

  6. AC, none of this chippy’s or chip trucks in our area, in fact no take out type trucks of any sort, not even an ice cream one in summer months.Maybe if we bought the one for sale we could start something..hmmmmm

  7. KGMom says:

    Great pics…full of action, even as grandma and grandson sit and wait.
    I love the lining of the stones.

    Is that the proprietor of the chippy? He looks a tad bored. Using his cell?

  8. lorna says:

    you should check out the autumn edition of Ottawa Style—there’s a great article on food trucks in the environs; you could make it your new hobby—foodtruckfoodtasting. I also eschew ketchup and vinegar, and go for mayonnaise on my fries, but I have family that dips them in honey

  9. Mary G says:

    There’s a not-bad one in Lanark village across from the bank. JG is a fries fanatic, when he allows himself and the grandkid goes for the greasy hot dog in the limp white bun. Nice to have a place to sit – we usually end up at the one in the Canadian Tire parking lot in Kanata, where you dodge cars while munching.
    Love the pic of the boy and the fry – beautiful!

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  11. Ruth says:

    Eating outdoors is always fun. He is so very, very cute! I had to google “frosting” to find a recipe for “icing’ this weekend.

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