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More BS

You do remember that on this blog, BS stands for babysitting. Eh? Although sometimes … There have been some recent changes in Zach’s routine as well as Nikki Dee’s mornings (as I posted earlier). Mom was sick for a week, … Continue reading

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Back to My Roots

I feel like it’s past time to get back to my roots and blog about the grands. Well … blogging about them feels like I’m getting back to my roots, even though I managed to blog a fair bit before … Continue reading

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Food Woes

Before I forget, I should post about the weird  run of luck that we had with food last week. It seemed like every choice was a bad one and that every dish went wrong. It all began with a chicken … Continue reading

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Listing a Little Listy

I confess: it’s time to actually write something rather than just posting pictures. So … let me see … no … got nuthin … 😉 Seriously, it seems like it’s time to list a little listy of what transpires in … Continue reading

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More Cottage Photos

What can I tell you, but I have been immersed in photos since our little Thanksgiving trip. In the event, I have decided to post four more pictures taken from the cottage on that weekend. I hope you all have … Continue reading

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Sunrise at the Cottage

Traditionally, AC has not been the type of guy to witness a lot of sunrises, but as the sun rises later in this season and I rise earlier in my dotage, this is beginning to change. One morning at the … Continue reading

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A Colourful Retrospective

As the colours begin to diminish more and more rapidly, I would like to go back to photos from last weekend. These were all taken at various stops on our way home form the cottage. Somewhat unexpectedly, we encountered some … Continue reading

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