The Kids

Are you having fun with your photos AC? It’s all well and good y’know, but I seem to recall, vaguely mind you, something about two kids. What’s going on with them anyway?

Well, it hasn’t really been that long. I’ve told you all about Nikki Dee starting school and all. But since you asked — even if only in my overactive imagination — here are a few tidbits.

Zachy Boy is talking a blue streak. Basically, he only stops yaking to go to sleep. Sometimes, he has to be advised to play in his room for awhile just for us to get a few moments of silence. But he’s a good little fella and very darn cute with all of his chattering.

He seems to have a great attention span and takes life calmly for the most part. The other day, I was supervising while he rode around on his bike (see photo below taken the next day beside his sister’s bike) for almost an hour. He’d meander here and there in the little dead end section pausing to gaze at pebbles, flies or what have you. For awhile he de-biked to sit on the driveway with me while he pulled out grass. The point is that it was a pretty calm and tranquil time, the only fly in the ointment being that I was cooking in the hot sun because the morning had been cold and The Bups was still wearing those heavy clothes even though it was now pretty warm out.

Z on Bike

The next day, sister also wanted to go bike riding after school, so we all headed out. What a difference! She must have had to change bikes and/or activities three or four times within fifteen minutes. Under her influence, he just had to follow suit. Bikes and toys were flying in and out of the garage at a furious pace. It was crazy and hard on the old Buppa, I tell you.

Kids on Bikes

The next evening, was Open House at ND’s school. It was pure and unadulterated bedlam, I assure you. However, that meant that Nikki Dee was in her element, giddy with excitement at the hordes and commotion. It’s not a great photo, in fact it’s a lousy one, but I think it conveys something whereof I speak.

Open House

They’re opposites for sure but both lovable for what and who they are.

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8 Responses to The Kids

  1. Lorna says:

    Much as I enjoyed your gaggle in the river, this post reminded me how discerning you are about the kids. Cute and super-cute, indiscriminately applied, would work, but you go to new heights. You softie.

  2. They sure keep you going and we know you love and enjoy every moment – good for you, AC, and for Nikki Dee and Zach too!

  3. Mary G says:

    I think I’ve said this before – as lucky as you are to have them, they are even luckier to have you.

  4. Mara says:

    I can just picture your grandson looking at everything.

    I’ve been caught out a few times this week as well: starting off freezing and then the sun comes out!

  5. Ruth says:

    Nice that they have different temperments. I think birth order influences that too. My fourth brother was so laid back he needed a push. 😉

  6. Philip says:

    It is interesting how two children who have grown up in the same setting develop quite different personalities. I would enjoy both of your grandchildren but I think I would find the lad most interesting. I like it when children want to explore the wee world of nature as well as the wider world. I am one of those people who still delight on finding beauty and special design as well as wild life in quiet small corners of Nature. When I operated a Skidder and cut trees for a living (shame on me), I often would jump off my machine to look at a plant on the floor of the forest which had caught my eye. I think my fellow bûcherons thought I was a little strange. No wonder I did not make much of a living as a bush worker.

  7. Love the shots! They ARE very different and that’s a Good thing…Just a moment ago, someone knocked on my backdoor…It was my William (12). SAMI had driven over to pick up her jacket! She now has her license. I stood in the driveway with such a heavy feeling in me…it was the end of, Something…Watching them drive away I knew nothing would be the same again. They grow up too darn fast.
    Enjoy the babbling and high times, you two…They’re Gorgeous and so precious.

  8. Regenia says:

    You are a wealthy man in the most important sense of the word! They could not be any cuter! So sweet. I love how Zach is watching big sister as they ride down the street; just to be sure and do exactly as she does, I guess. And the open house picture? You have to love her zest for life! And what could be more wonderful than to get to be involved in their little lives?

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