Worm in the Apple

iP49Just over a month ago, the kids gifted me with new speakers for my iPod. As you can see over thataway ← it’s a pretty cool and cute looking little unit, which I WAS enjoying.

On the weekend whilst Cuppa had me slaving in the kitchen — yet again! — I decided to port the thing downstairs to listen to some tunes during my travails. Of course, I left the inconvenient power cord upstairs because after all the battery is SUPPOSED to last for several hours.

In the event, it didn’t quite work out that way because after three minutes the system would shut town. Every time. With my other iPod too … as well as Cuppa’s iTouch. As well my my SIL’s iTouch as I later discovered.

Many phone calls later on Monday (was it just yesterday, because the day sure seemed like a long drag?) we ascertained that the unit was at fault. Indeed, the speakers should play for longer than three minutes before cutting out. I trust the time should be measured in hours, but at this point of uncertainty that would be this mere peon’s mere guess.

The unit was purchased through Apple Canada, but guess what? It’s not an Apple product, and Apple won’t support iHome products even though they sell them.

After much phoning, which I hate and which tires me and which frays my nerves and which jiggers my jaggers, the best we found that we could hope for was to ship the unit to New Jersey for repair or replacement. We live in Canada but must ship the speakers to Joisey? We figure the shipping charge will amount to about thirty smackeroos. We have to pay. The company will be good enough to cover the return shipping charges. God bless their corporate little hearts. I guess I should rejoice that it must only travel to New Jersey and not that old Jersey somewhere near the Chunnel or Calais or somesuch. Although Dunkirk might be appropriate.

I find it so aggravating to find that not only does my Made in China product not function properly but that although it was purchased in Canada, it must be repaired in the USA. At this point, I figure that we might just as well involve Europe, Africa and Australia as well. I mean, why exclude half the world? Speaking of the world, I find it especially aggravating that the world’s second largest/richest company won’t stand behind products that they sell. Wal-Mart would, yknow. Sixty days: your money cheerfully refunded without question, Sir.

People swear by Apple, and I confess to using Apple products (obviously) although not their extravagantly priced computers. But I tell ya, I was more like swearing AT them instead of BY them yesterday. Feels like I bit into a worm in the apple. Which doesn’t zactly leave me with a good taste in point of fact.

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8 Responses to Worm in the Apple

  1. lorna says:

    remind me to never let you get mad at me. You rant a good rant.

    On the other hand, our gadgets shouldn’t let us down, and their progenitors should stand behind them. But please, don’t jigger your jaggers—it causes a ripple all the way down the Ottawa Valley

  2. Too bad the kids didn’t give you the receipt…then you could have just gotten an exchange on the same product….

  3. Mary G says:

    Bummer. I hope you reamed them on the phone. I hope it is fixed fast and properly. Amazing that they will fix it – I dread the day when we live in a completely disposable world, amid the junk piles.

  4. AC, we are both natives of NJ and you got that slang pronunciation was right on! And, we were just in Joisey for an overnight stay on our road trip to New Hampshire. We both have an ipod, but no speakers and after reading this account we know which ones NOT to buy or else to head down to our local WalMart!

  5. KGMom says:

    Did you forget to take your blood pressure meds? Just kidding. It sounds like a most aggravating situation.

  6. Bernie says:

    Oh AC I have been awake trying to catch up on blogs and I know I should feel bad for you but I am laughing so hard…….I could visualize your whole day. Hope you, Cuppa and family are well……:-)Hugs

  7. Regenia says:

    I don’t know how corporate Canada works. But you have now experienced corporate America, I’m very sorry to say. (To be fair, I will say that MOST of corporate America works like that, from my experience. Every once and a while we do get a refreshing, helpful response.)

  8. Ruth says:

    Frustrating! I love apples and Apple products and fortunately have never had any issues with purchases. Those shipping charges are high!

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