A Colourful Retrospective

As the colours begin to diminish more and more rapidly, I would like to go back to photos from last weekend. These were all taken at various stops on our way home form the cottage. Somewhat unexpectedly, we encountered some of the best autumn hues of the whole weekend.

Foliage Near Combermere

After missing our turnoff, we stopped to turn around just north of Combermere. We were right beside a lake, but although I took several pictures of the lake, I seem to prefer this look up the road.

Fall Foliage Near Coehill

This was an earlier stop than the prevous photo much nearer the cottage on Lower Faraday Road, a very rural road between Coehill and Bancroft.

Fall Foliage Near Coehill

Taken at the same spot as the previous photo, I zoomed out more to get the road as well as the the opposite trees.

Foliage Near Rockingham

We had purchased some muffins in Bancroft, and when we saw this pull off onto a little picnic area in the middle of nowhere, we couldn't resist.

Fall Foliage on the Opeongo Line

Much of the area that we travelled was hilly, but, although we couldn't stop at every viable scene, we thought this spot worthy of a few moments of our time. It was certainly off the beaten track, so we didn't have to worry about impeding other cars or getting run over by them.

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10 Responses to A Colourful Retrospective

  1. shammy says:

    I think I’ve missed most of the lovely fall colours this year. I was away for a while and now that I’m back, most of the trees are almost bare and leaves are flying through the air!

  2. Dimple says:

    You are getting some beautiful colors this season. Love the last shot!

  3. AC, perhaps we should put your area on a future fall foliage trip – you have some amazingly beautiful photos in this post. We are seeing an abundance of colors along the highways and more so on the back roads which we prefer. Only problem is finding a great scenic with no place to pull off the road. Your pull-off spot to enjoy those muffins was a good one!

  4. KGMom says:

    Autumn certainly is a time of year that beckons us outdoors to go off traveling and snapping photos.
    Our fall color has been muted. I thought with all the rain it would be dazzling, but am concluding that maybe less rain is better for brighter colors.

  5. Mara says:

    Photo 4 does it for me. Beautiful colours and that water looks so nice and inviting!

  6. philip says:

    Great photos. We have more evergreens here so the views are not as spectacular. We have been having some windy days here so leaves will be blowing off and the Fall coulours with become a memory.

  7. Ginnie says:

    It’s wonderful to be back and see that you’ve been recording the change of season. My PT (physical therapist) is from Canada and she was sorry to miss Thanksgiving. She loved our area but says it can’t beat her home in Canada. Of course I shared about my blogger friends….you, Cuppa and Philip.

  8. Buddha's Ghost says:

    Some nice shots. The trees are just now beginning to turn here; everything has been late throughout the Spring, Summer and Autumn this year. Looks like you’re enjoying your new camera.

  9. June Kellum says:

    These are beautiful fall scenes, AC.

    Thanks for sharing!


  10. Kila says:

    Beautiful! (Although I prefer the palm trees here over the colors up north.)

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