Listing a Little Listy

I confess: it’s time to actually write something rather than just posting pictures. So … let me see … no … got nuthin … ๐Ÿ˜‰

Seriously, it seems like it’s time to list a little listy of what transpires in my little life and little brain.

  • Some of you will remember the parking ticket that we got in Niagara on the Lake back in May. Well, I sent them a cheque a long with a nice letter including pictures, like the ones that I posted here at the time, and the cheque was never cashed. That pleases me, and it’s not really due to the 25 bucks saved.
  • Speaking of old blogs and thinking of old logs, the fence that came tumbling down last April is just this morning (Friday) being replaced. The whole sorry fiasco may be worth a blog about bureaucratic incompetence and homeowners’ shortsightedness someday. I’ll have to see if I really want to tread that ground. Sigh.
  • So far, Nikki Dee loves school but for the first time the other day suggested that she stay home. That didn’t take long. But it is good that she’s been so positive, and I hope that was a blip caused by tiredness.
  • Speaking of Nikki Dee, I taught her how to play Frere Jacques on her little toy piano. It broke, and she hadn’t played it for awhile. Last weekend, a keyboard came up on Cuppa’s iPad when ND was here for a sleepover, and the kid was able to play the tune pretty wellย โ€” better than I would have after the layoff and a different keyboard, I’m afeerd. That’s the difference between a young mind and an old mind. Eh?
  • And speaking of old minds … in the shower just moments ago, I thought of something that should most definitely be included in this list. Most definitely. By the time I was drying myself off, however, I no longer had a clue as to what it was. Unfortunately, this is not an unusual occurrence. ๐Ÿ˜ฆ ๐Ÿ˜ฆ
  • Nikki Dee’s mom has been very sick and off work for much of this past week. So we have brought Zach over to our place most of the time so Mom could rest and so we could stay as far as possible from her ghastly germs. He has fit in rather well except for the day he didn’t nap at all, but I think that was one of those flukes that happens from time to time. In any event, he did amuse himself happily in the crib for quite a long time, chattering and singing to himself, so all was not lost.
  • I have developed a numb patch, about the size of my hand extended, on my right leg just above the knee. It’s been there for more than a month now. The doctor said it should go away on its own and if it stayed that I should pay a return visit in another few weeks. My prediction: it won’t [go away], and I may [go back] … if I can perceive that there might be a point to it. All I can foresee is subjecting myself to a battery of tests which will prove nothing, except that I have a spot of numbness.
  • I have been paying the way for my dentist’s next round the world cruise lately. I hadn’t had a cavity for many many years, perhaps up to two decades, but then I had two. One was big, and the job also involved repairing a chip (not the potato kind) in the same tooth. Since the move here, I have not been regular about checkups and professional cleanings. Lesson learned. I resolve to keep my visits to shorter checkups if at all possible because my old body doesn’t take to long intervals in that confounded chair like it used to. It wasn’t built for comfort let me tell ya.
  • It’s been a bit of an upsetting week dealing with someone who lies through his teeth and cares not one whit about the rest of humanity. Fortunately, we don’t have to live with the guy. Unfortunately, he does impact our lives.
  • However, that makes me think of an radio interview that I heard recently on the subject of hope. This author, a nun/sister, made the point that hope was not so much about the future but about the past. Because we have endured trials and tribulations in the past and emerged and learned from them, we can legitimately carry the hope that we will have the strength to cope with whatever current or future problems might beset us.
  • I woke up around 2 o’clock last night, which invariably happens when I forget to take a sleeping pill. After a few hours I start to toss and turn and soon find myself thrashing about. As I become more and more awake, I tend to end up hurling myself out of bed in desperation, sometimes uttering naughty words. The problem these days is that I’m usually tired enough to go to sleep without too much difficulty. I might be reading, and I just close my eyes and drift off to sleep forgetting to take my pill. But I can’t seem to stay asleep without pharmaceutical assistance for some reason. Normally, if I wake up and remember that I’ve forgotten, I’ll take the pill no matter what the time, which is generally by 3 o’clock at the latest, because it doesn’t seem to give me a hangover the next morning no matter how late I consume it. When that happens I will generally get back to sleep in another hour or so and then sleep through until morning. Last night, I decided to be strong and abstain. As far as I can tell, I didn’t sleep again despite the fact that I remained in bed for about three of the next five hours. So … doncha dare tell me it’s psychosomatic because I honestly don’t know that I’ve forgotten the pill until I wake up in that miserable state. Fair enough?
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13 Responses to Listing a Little Listy

  1. Alright…I won’t gripe at you…no NOT me…Hahaaa….Exercise more during the day and tire your body out…maybe that’s the trick. I know during the Winter it’s harder for you to get out and walk so go buy a treadmill. It Really will make a difference…I’m NOT GRIPING!!!Hahaaaaa….
    And just WHO is it that is lying? You’d have made a great reporter…Great leadin and NO satisfaction!Hahahaaa…..YOU go have a Wonderful day Ac! I command it!

  2. Mary G says:

    The numb spot could be a cyst in the hip – that is what mine turned out to be. Not much they can do about the cyst, alas, but it is nice, I guess, to know why you are falling to pieces.
    Insomnia stinks – take the damn pill!
    We all have a little list, or a not so little list. Mine has Bell Canada on it, big time.
    Hope you have a better tomorrow, and, yeah, what’s this about the liar, hmm?

  3. Thanks for catching us up on what’s been going on in your mind, AC. The photos are always welcome but so are the words. I think I’m way overdue for a rant, er listing myself.

  4. Frank says:

    Jeepers, AC, you covered a heck of a lot of ground here! I would’ve milked this sucker for about 114 blog posts!

    Give or take a handful.


    I feel your pain regarding the Negative Impacter. Most of us, if on the planet long enough, will encounter his/her ilk. That which does not kill us…etc.

    The nun you heard on radio speaks wisdom. We should always heed it when we come across it — because of/despite the source.

    Your thoughts are interesting. I’m glad you’re sharing them.

  5. Bernie says:

    I popped in too see pictures……I miss your munchkins. Hope your daughter is feeling better……:-)Hugs

  6. lorna says:

    whew! glad you had a chance to tell us how you really feel. I can commiserate. Especially about the sleeping. If I weren’t taking medication for a bunch of other stuff, I’d be happily popping a sleeping pill—-as it is, I can catch up on my PVR’d programs or read my e-reader, or listen to audio books. Hmmmm, I think I’m too busy to sleep.

  7. KGMom says:

    On the brilliant thought that just MUST be shared–and then it flees right away…been there, done that.
    I even get to the point of giving a snappy title. BUT by the time I am actually sitting at the keyboard, it’s gone, just flat out gone. Darn it…
    Old brains–hmmm, yes, that would be it.

  8. Philip says:

    For one who started out with nuthin’ to say you sure rattled on.

  9. Ginnie says:

    You could have made lots of blog entries with all that stuff you just spewed out. You should know by now that we love your pictures!

  10. Mara says:

    Wow, for someone who didn’t really know what to say, you certainly had plenty to say! Even about the something you had forgotten you really needed to say. You might have said it inadvertently (that’s not spelled right is it) though!

  11. joseph pulikotil says:

    Very interesting post touching upon so many incidents in your daily life. I fully agree with you on young and old minds. Some how old minds become rusted because we don’t use them as much as we did when we were young. We take many things for granted and we don’t explore and experiment and innovate. So the mind becomes dull.

    As regards taking pills, I am supposed to take a pill just before meals but invariably I forget about it and remember only when I am through half my food. Then I stop eating take my pill and proceed eating. Perhaps this is also a sign of old age. Any way we had our wonderful times when we thought we were the masters of the universe.

    Best wishes,

  12. Kila says:

    I enjoyed your list ๐Ÿ™‚

    Interesting about the numb spot, hmmm.

    Hope you sleep well tonight!

  13. Hilary says:

    Your brilliant thought might come back at some point.. like when you’re stuck in the dentist’s chair and can’t do anything about it.. and ultimately forget it again.

    Insomnia is miserable. Too bad you can’t conquer it without the meds but I know what that’s like often.

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