Food Woes

Before I forget, I should post about the weird  run of luck that we had with food last week. It seemed like every choice was a bad one and that every dish went wrong.

  1. It all began with a chicken and rice casserole. Unfortunately, however, we also decided to cook the sweet potato that we had sitting around as well as some carrots. These different ingredients did not go together. Period.
  2. The next bad food incident occurred when I decided to bring chips/fries home for lunch. The chip trucks will soon be closing for the winter, or at least most of them will soon likely close for most of the time, so I thought we should treat ourselves one more time while we could. The problem was that I decided to go to the nearest truck rather than the good truck that we usually patronize. The chips sat like lead in my stomach for many hours afterward. Shudder.
  3. The next day, we decided to cook up a frozen pizza for supper. We do this once or twice a month quite successfully, but this time, Cuppa’s side have did not heat properly, and she found herself chewing on coldish slices. Mine was okayish, so I ate it, but it really should have been cooked more. I’m not sure what made the results different this time.
  4. Then, there was the morning that the power went out, so I went to Tims for coffee and a breakfast sandwich. I thought they would have auxiliary power, but they didn’t or not much at least, and the sandwich was cold when I got it home.
  5. On the same evening as the power failure, I brought home an apple pie from the grocery store. After cooking it, it was half full of liquid when we cut it open. Fortunately, it still tasted good once we poured off the liquid, but still, what’s up with that?

Recent repasts have been much better, so perhaps this run of weird luck is behind us. I sure hope so because I am really looking forward to tonights roast.


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9 Responses to Food Woes

  1. Mary G says:

    Ew. However, all is not lost. Two of our local groceries have Honeycrisps in stock. ~ An apple a day keeps disaster away?
    Got to eat the chips immediately. Got to. Before the vinegar soaks through the bag.

  2. KGMom says:

    Solution–stop eating? Only eat out? All salads?
    Sorry–I am not much help.

  3. Kila says:

    I hope tomorrow is better!

  4. Hilary says:

    Ugh.. this post was not good to read when I’m battling a queasy stomach..

  5. We’ve had a few incidents like yours, AC, more so when on these road trips and trying to find a place for lunch or dinner. Recent meals at a local Place featuring Mexican foods brought a round of indigestion, as did the barbecue meat loaf that Grenville tried last night. Thanks, in advance for the heads up that sweet potatoes do not go well with a chicken and rice casserole!

  6. Oh my! What a round of Bad Luck…Should have popped that apple pie in the microwave, nuked it for a few minutes then plopped on a scoop of vanilla ice cream…I do ours in individual bowls. Hot pie and ice cream…good stuff!
    Hope you have a better weekend experience in food!Lolol

  7. QMM says:

    We we have been staying away from cantaloupe, bagged cabbage slaw and what ever is the “watch out for” special next week. Always something on recall.
    Be safe

  8. Pearl says:

    5. that’s odd. guess someone got the apples from the top of vat that was all dry.
    2. unfortunately I can relate. can’t let good, or bad in this case, onion rings go to waste. should have. how can something so simple be done so badly? it boggles the mind.

  9. Jinksy says:

    I think I’m g;ad I haven’t been asked to dinner lately! LOL

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