More BS

You do remember that on this blog, BS stands for babysitting. Eh? Although sometimes …

There have been some recent changes in Zach’s routine as well as Nikki Dee’s mornings (as I posted earlier). Mom was sick for a week, so we brought him over to our relatively germ-free place. For one reason or another, we continued that trend last week as well. I don’t imagine that we’ll do that everyday as he has more toys and room to play at his house, but he does adapt quite well here, more or less staying where we want him to stay.

This guy has a lot to say.

I have been taking him for a walk each morning. Usually, Cuppa joins us, as she did to take the photo below, but sometimes it’s just the boys who head out.

Unlike his sister who has to often be reeled in, he's usually lagging far behind, but not in this picture.

Other standard activities include playing with toy food (and other toys such as our almost 40 year old Fisher Price toys), reading, snacking (for real) and watching TV. I think in the TV photos, below, he was watching Jungle Book, which absorbed him to the very end.

We have a box of play food, which he hasn't tired of yet. Amma and Buppa are fed regular snacks although I think Winnie the Pooh (hiding) was the recipient in this case.

Reading in Buppa's chair in Buppa's den. More often than not, it's Amma reading to him, but he was telling the story on this occasion.

I wonder what he will be like as he gets older. He can already be totally mesmerized by TV. Soon, there will also be video games to consider.

Mesmerized? Yes!

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11 Responses to More BS

  1. Hilary says:

    Your grandkidlets are just too cute for words. I need to get me one of these BS gigs.

  2. Oh Ac, I hate to say this to you but…He is SO pretty! What expressive eyes he has….The girls are going to go Crazy!Hahaa….Get Ready!

  3. Mary G says:

    Terrific shots! I especially like the boys walking. And the TV watching pic.
    I didn’t worry much about the TV glued-to-the-set thing. When mine were that age I worked from home and Sesame Street and Mr Roger’s Neighbourhood made it possible.
    Now my YD still loves her TV but her sister hardly ever turns one on. She does watch video movies – rarely. And there is nothing the matter with either of their brains.

  4. Ginger says:

    When I was a kid and we visited the U.S., I was also mesmerized by TV. I remember my dad coming into the room and saying, “You kids are watching too much TV. You’re getting square eyes!” Upon which I snuck into the bathroom to look in the mirror and see if it was true.

  5. A real charmer – both of the boys, young and more mature (careful use of words here). Thanks for another charming set of grandkid photos, AC.

  6. Pearl says:

    yay for books and Buppa.

  7. Mara says:

    Did the curls not come back (or is that a sore question?). Despite the curls not being there, he is such a cute little boy.

  8. Linda Fraser says:

    When he gets older he likely will reflect on the wonderful halcyon days he spent with Cuppa and Buppa. He will treasure these times as much as you do. Thank you for sharing these precious moments. ❤

  9. Diana says:

    It’s good to know that while I was away you had those two cuties to keep you company! And you still have your sense of humor! Love Di ♥

  10. catnapping says:

    I think it’s God’s joke on us that they all turn into teenagers.

  11. Ginnie says:

    You certainly have a photogenic pair of kiddies. The eyes in the last picture are hypnotic !!

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