Catching Up

On the Seventh Day … the germs did not rest … unfortunately. Seven Days later, I have to say that this has NOT been a 24 hour flu. Having been awakened with yet another headache at 4:00 this morning (assuming I can audaciously call 4 o’clock morning), I am wondering when this will quit. Unusually, for me, I slept a lot on the first day and night of this attack. This gave me hope, but ever since then I have reverted to form, slept little, and have awakened at 4:00 on three of the past four mornings.

I had Sunrise from the Bridgea few newcomers drop by this blog yesterday (remember the old days of blogging — before Facebook — when such an occurrence wasn’t so flippin unusual?). I then discovered that Hilary had chosen my Sunrise at the Cottage post as one of her photo Posts of the Week. It’s the one that included the photo from the bridge (eyes right). Thanks, Hilary. (Note to Self: remember to thank Hilary at her site and also those who visited.)

My poor BIL underwent major heart surgery this week. Ironically, he is the skinniest, fittest, and one of the youngest of the clan. However, genetics being the bitch (sorry, but that’s how I see it) that it is, he’s inherited this propensity and hasn’t been able to jog his way out of it. He’s a great guy who happily shares his cottage with us whenever we please. I’m confident that you’ll be up and at em and smiling again very soon, Brian.

I Hope You're Smiling

Speaking of Brian and the cottage, here is a photo of an Asparagus Fern lit by the westering sun. We sometimes call Brian, Treebeard, and it was he who identified the bush, which I had mistaken to be a young Tamarack tree.

Are You There, Moses?

And … before I go … I include a very different kind of photo of an Excavator. I don’t think ya wanna mess with that dude, Dude … or Duchess.

That's Heavy, Dude

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6 Responses to Catching Up

  1. Diana says:

    Great photos AC. I hope all goes well with Brian. My mom was the same, thin , non-smoker when she had a triple by-pass. Just strange I think.
    I hope you get to feeling well soon. Love Di ♥

  2. Lorna says:

    Your family is in my thoughts and prayers today. I hope all goes well with Brian.

  3. Hilary says:

    Best thoughts for your BIL.. and for you. I hope you’re both feeling much better before too long.

  4. Pearl says:

    Asaparagus fern. Hm, I wouldn’t have identified that right either.

    What a bugger who illnesses tap the shoulder of. Still, perhaps he jogged his way out of not getting caught decades earlier? Who knows. Best wishes to him tho.

  5. QMM says:

    Best wishes and good health to your BIL. I am going in for a Pacemaker eval on Tuesday. Gonna try to opt for an anticoagulant. Going into my second week of the battle with the virus. Better but not up to par yet. Hang in there.

  6. Will be praying for Brian!! Hope he’s going to be up and about Soon!
    That’s a great shot of the dozer Ac! Big!
    Hope YOU are feeling better!! It’s no fun is it?!!

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