As we near mid-November it’s time to get ready for the long winter. Just around the corner, the mini stop sign has been erected for the snowmobiles, as well as the directions to “Follow Road To Trail.”


Everybody is getting ready. Some have contracted with snow removal companies to get their driveways cleared. The Millerboys’ stakes are a quick way for the workers to identify which houses have anted-up. I will do my own shovelling again, hoping that on really bad days, nice neighbour will come to the rescue with her snowblower. If not, I’ll manage.

In the background, and yellow arm has been affixed to the fire hydrant, so that its location can quickly be found if necessary even though the actual hydrant might be snowed under.


Meanwhile chez nous (at our place) we have had the furnace cleaned and checked,and our garage has been cleared so that it can once again accommodate. Meanwhile, I have dug out my wool hoodie (below) that I often wear inside because we keep our place just a titch on the cool frigid side. The hoodie is important because I’m a baldy, and it gets mighty chilly up there due not only to lack of insulation but also to lack of cerebral activity. I have also purchased a brand new pair of warm socks that are also just the right colour for Christmas. When I purchased the socks yesterday, I also spied a pair of workboots, which can be plugged-in and heated, onsale for $300. Since I neither work outside nor have $300 to spare, I resisted. So, the cheap socks will have to suffice for my frosty footsies.


There are a few more tasks to be done such as: putting plastic over our miserably cheap windows to prevent condensation and ensuing rot; and, to make an appointment to have our snow tires installed.

Not only all of that, but the Santa Claus Parade is in just two weeks, and the girls will be flying home for a short visit on the following weekend. So, it’s not all grim. In fact, the masochistic part of me rather looks forward to winter. I don’t dislike the season, just the interminability (I just made up a word) of it.


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18 Responses to Preparations

  1. Ginger says:

    Wow, AC. That is really fascinating. I’ve never had to live anywhere that we did anything more than get the sprinklers blown out for winter. Well, I did live in Finland for a year, but I guess others were taking care of winter prep there, and I was pretty oblivious to it. I think it’s nice to have the Christmas celebrations to help break up the bleakness of the season.

  2. Diana says:

    I left my plastic up this year. I just opened a corner of it for the one window that opens! My hubby thought me nuts but since I’m the one that usually ends up doing it I decided to save myself some work.
    Of coarse our winters are much milder than yours to be sure yet one never knows does one!! It never hurts to be prepared. Love Di ♥

  3. KGMom says:

    Wow–you are ready.
    What is the average temp in mid-winter?
    My brother–the resident of Winnipeg–rhapsodizes about the crunching snow, the crystal clear skies, and the sub-zero temp that makes it all happen.

  4. Wow .. lot’s to do to get ready! Can’t imagine.

  5. Lorna says:

    You could always move to a nice co-op near the War Museum. You don’t have to own or even remember how to use a snow shovel.

  6. My husband and I have started to think about places to live when we stop our RVing lifestyle and I told him I absolutely will not live in an area where they have to attach poles to the fire hydrants to be able to find them in the snow. Shudder!

  7. Dimple says:

    So much to do, so little time! I had my winter tires put on last week, and my husband just put the plow on the four-wheeler. There’s snow on the surrounding mountain tops, and winter is in the weather forecast. Good-bye, Autumn!

    Do come back to see my circles from farther away!
    Meditations of My Heart

  8. Mary says:

    I’m with you, AC.

    My sister was shocked last week when she left sunny Guelph to get to Arthur where she experienced black ice, saw 4 cars in the ditch and then was greeted by over a foot of snow at her school. It was a bit unbelievable.

    It’s good you’re preparing because it’s definitely coming!

    How long are the A-Team in town for?

  9. Mary says:

    AC, had a bit of catching up to do and love the photos in the previous post.

    Yes, winter will be here soon and it’s not something I’m looking forward to. We should (if we can find time) put plastic on our windows as well, we need the snow tires installed and new front break pads before the snow flies. Balmy here the last few days with a bit of sleet last Friday.

    Nice to be in touch. Take care.


  10. Mara says:

    I am so glad with my double glazing and roof, wall and floor insulation! Keeps the house warm and the cost low! And it means I don’t really have to prepare. Other than that I just get the scarves, hats and gloves out (hopefully not loosing anymore).

  11. We still have fairly warm weather here so the thought of winter is still just a thought. But when in NH recently, we did see stakes alongside some of the ountain roads to advise the snowplows where a guardrail was in place. And we don’t have a garage so that’s one less chore to do before winter.

  12. Oh my…it’s that time again. Hope the snow doesn’t Cover those signs! Ughhh…
    I think I’ll ask Santa to send you a humongous, snow blowing tractor…yeppers.
    SO glad the girls will be coming for a visit…I know y’all have missed them.

  13. Linda says:

    That’s some checklist you go through. Glad I live in the South! It still gets cold and snows, but it never lasts too long at one time.

  14. Pearl says:

    I’ve noticed those springy things for the plows popping up faster than dandelions. People seem to love to pull on them and make them go boingaoingggaoinggg.

  15. Ginnie says:

    Sounds like a lot of work … but necessary I’m sure. I remember those days when I lived in Massachusetts and New York.
    One thing I’m sure of is that you’ll have some great winter pictures to share with us! I thought of you recently when I heard on TV that there are sights on the network that will pay for good pictures. You could make a fortune !!

  16. Mary G says:

    I bought new boots this week. Every ten years, whether I need them or not. And, yes, garage cleared of mowers ready to move cars in, appointment for snow tires, laneway graded. Snowblower not yet pulled out and the shields put on. Hmmm. Activity for tomorrow, maybe.
    The weather we are having is making us complacent, all but you, oh organized AC.

  17. Jinksy says:

    We Brits seem to have a reprieve at the moment- temperatures are well above average, and are at least ten degrees warmer than this month last year. Long may it continue! 🙂

  18. Kila says:

    How quickly I forgot about such things! I do like it here, in the land of interminable sunshine.

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