Monday Morning Photo Shoot

Monday morning of last week dawned quite cold, but for some reason I was motivated to go on a little photo shoot. After I had seen Nikki Dee safely on the school bus, I headed to a road just on the town’s fringe. Suddenly, after passing a new subdivision, one finds oneself in the rural reality of old sheds and barns; the transition is abrupt. I actually had a certain barn in mind for my shoot, but while I did take a picture of it, I wasn’t impressed with the results; however, I did quite like some of the others that I took that morning.

I have added comments to some of the photos below.

Along Quarry Road

Along Quarry Road #2

This may be my favourite from the day: an open barn/shed with lots of junk inside. I think the fence in front with the blue sky overhead also helps the composition.

Along Quarry Road #3

My focus was the shed, but the contrails add much interest for me. The airport is far away, but we are seeing its effects regardless.

Along Quarry Road #4

I would sooner that the car hadn't been there, but I like the house, its setting, and the chimney smoke.

Along Quarry Road #5

Along Quarry Road #6

This is not normally the kind of subject that I would be drawn to, but I had exited the car to snap one barn or other, and when I looked to my right, I thought the view was pleasing for some reason. The early sun was still low (it's never very high at this time of year), and the woods were casting long shadows.

Along Quarry Road 8

I took several shots that included this barn and finally decided that I liked this b&w version the best.

Two days later, we had our first snowfall, but two days after that it had all disappeared. Generally speaking, we have been treated to an unusually warm November although I suppose that lots of people in lots of places wouldn’t describe it in that precise that way. 🙂

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15 Responses to Monday Morning Photo Shoot

  1. Ginger says:

    All of the photos are interesting, but I really like that last B&W shot.

  2. Bernie says:

    Such beauty AC, and to think this wooded area is so close to the city. Looks like you had a productive day….:-)Hugs

  3. Lorna says:

    Ginger said what i would have said if it weren’t 4:16 a.m. Are you up and wishing you weren’t?

  4. There are times I take a lot of random photographs and those I thought would be good are less pleasing than those I just snapped off trying to find inspiration. I too like the B&W photograph the best, although the one with the contrails is nice also.

  5. Are you Sure these weren’t taken in Texas? ;o)
    Love them and especially the old house with the car out front…Can you take the car out of the photo? I admire you for going out on a cold morning to shoot photos!

  6. Diana says:

    Nice AC! That house was really cute, I could live there! And the B&W was awesome too. They were all very interesting. Contrails are everywhere aren’t they?
    Love Di ♥

  7. Hilary says:

    Wonderful photos, AC. I love that second shot also. It makes me think of how Frank refers to yards with junk piles.. something his son said when he was little “It’s a beautiful mess.”

  8. KGmom says:

    The house with the car…you could Photoshop the car out.
    When we visited Olympus several years ago, I kept waiting for the perfect shot of the entrance to the original stadium (from whence the word itself came and where the Olympic races were run)–but tourists kept walking in and out. Finally, I had it–and of course two tourists leaped into view at the last second. SO, I photoshopped them out!

  9. Ruth says:

    There has been an usual amount of sun this month. It is lower in the sky and gives warm light to your pictures. November is usually so dreary and ininspiring.

  10. Ruth says:

    that is uninspiring…

  11. You had a lovely day for a walk. AC. I also liked the B&W last barn shot, but the open barn/shed with its contents was quite colorful.

  12. June Kellum says:

    WOW!! These are awesome pictures-just the kind of scenes I love! If asked to pick a favorite, I would probably pick the 3rd one in your line-up!

    Thanks for going out on a cold morning and getting these to share!


  13. Joy says:

    The photo of the house is the best. Great colors, cozy, welcoming atmosphere. Like you, if the car was not there… but, at least it blended in with the house. 2nd Choice Tie: the open field with the long shadows and hay bales, and the b & w.

  14. Regenia says:

    I have not had the opportunity to read your blog in weeks. (Or anyone else’s for that matter.) It’s a nice way to have my Saturday morning coffee – looking at some great photographs. I like them all, but the one with the shed and the black and white the very best. The black and white would be stunning on a wall with other black and whites. You come up with really, really interesting compositions!

  15. Kila says:

    I love all of these. I think the third one is my favorite.

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