When the A Team was home for a very busy pre-Christmas weekend, two weeks ago already, one of the chores they set to was investigating the boxes of stuff that they had left behind when they moved west. They went home with a large suitcase full of stuff, including a bust of Elvis [sic], but they did leave a treasure box behind. I’m glad to have it out of strorage although I am not exactly displaying it at this point. I should though.

After Grandma passed away in 2003, treasures were divided (no resource seems to like “divied”), and those in the photo were claimed by Althegal.

Allyson's Collection

The Collection

Grandparents Quinlans Watches

A note said that my grandmother had been given this watch circa 1900. I presume she meant the little watch on the right, and I am also guessing that the larger one was my grandfather's. While Mom did leave little notes on scrap paper here and there, I wish she had been a little more thorough and systematic.

Grandpa Quinlan's Compass

We also know from another note that this was my grandfather's, my mother's father's, compass.

Wedding Rings

Three wedding rings: as best as we can recall, the gold ring at the front was my maternal grandmother's, and the ring in the box was my mother's. We are unsure of the silver ring: perhaps it was my other grandmother's, but that is a guess.

Dad's Watch

My dad's watch. Althegal went to the expense of having this repaired at one point, but it didn't last.

Tie Clip

No one is sure of the provenance of this tie clip although it would be logical if it were one of my grandfather's. I speculate that it would be my maternal grandfather's. A found note specifically left this to Althegal, so Mom valued it, possibly because she thought it was worth something because she didn't mention its provenance as far as we can recall.

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6 Responses to Treasures

  1. I love these old treasures….I also have several boxes and a Hope Chest filled with them. Love going through them…

  2. KGmom says:

    Your observation about making notes is so important. If something matters to you, and you want your children or grandchildren to KNOW–write it down. Most things do have a story. And personal history is so easily lost.

  3. Hilary says:

    These pieces are so beautiful. I love your dad’s watch, the compass and your grandmother’s watch. Such beautiful detail. Thanks for sharing these and like KGmom said, thanks also for the reminder to leave notes.

  4. I’m with KGMom. Trouble is, I don’t even trust my own memories anymore. And my husband and his sister apparently grew up in parallel universes in the same house.

  5. Remembering the people who once owned these pieces is the best treasure of all.

  6. Mary says:

    They’re absolutely beautiful. I love the compass and watches.

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