Her First Christmas Concert

Two school concerts were scheduled, one for the Wednesday before Christmas and one for the Thursday. However, due to the threat of freezing rain, which did in fact come to pass before the school day was done, the buses were cancelled on Wednesday. In the event, we drove Nikki Dee to school so as not to miss her performance. We needn’t have bothered because the principal met us at the drop off and informed us that the Wednesday concert was cancelled and rescheduled to Friday. Oh well.

The change in the schedule didn’t seem to affect us as we had planned on attending the Thursday concert anyway. So off we went the next day. And, with the Wednesday one postponed to Friday, so did everyone else as it eventuated. It seems that nobody wanted to wait to attend the Friday concert, perhaps in case of another cancellation, and so the place was absolutely jam-packed on Thursday morning.

We nabbed seats at the very back, which turned out to be about the best things that we could have done, and people kept pouring in to fill every last seat and to stand along the walls.

Meanwhile, Cuppa and Zach waited with bated breath.

School Concert 2011

Soon, a joyful Nikki Dee came prancing in with her class. No doubt, part of her joy was in seeing her fam fans right by the door. In point of fact, she was so overjoyed that she fell out of line to hug us and had to hurried back on task. 🙂

School Concert 2011

And as the next series of pictures will reveal, she got right into the performance. Naturally, my girl is at the centre of my photos. Naturally.

School Concert 2011

Sitting at the very back of a darkened auditorium, there was no room to move to take good photos, so I stayed put and hoped for the best. I was fortunate that the camera did as well as it did.

(Note to principal and staff: although a darkened auditorium provides a great ambiance, all that the adults really want are a few pictures for the archives. In other words, keep the house lights on.)

School Concert 2011

She pointed with the best of them and with greater gusto than most.

School Concert 2011

At the appropriate time she raised her hands heavenward …

School Concert 2011

… and spread her arms wide to embrace the season. Don’t you just love her?

School Concert 2011

That was it. Her little JK class performed one song, and all of the students from the first half marched out, and the second half marched in. Being at the back by the aisle and right by the door, we took the opportunity to evacuate when the opportunity presented itself. We didn’t want to get involved in the crush at the very end if we could help it. But when we got to our car it was so hemmed in that my only escape was to drive  over the playground into the one narrow exit opening that I was able to spot.

So ended Nikki Dee’s first Christmas concert. I hope that I get to see many more.

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6 Responses to Her First Christmas Concert

  1. QMM says:

    Oh she is indeed a budding performer and those shots are not so bad. Nothing says Christmas like the children’s performances, concerts, plays etc. Happy New Year dear Canadian friends.

  2. Bernie says:

    Now how pretty is this little Christmas dancer, so enjoyed seeing her AC and her little face is filled with pure joy, I love it. Cuppa and Jboy took a lovely picture as well. Happy Holidays dear friend……:-)Hugd

  3. Jinksy says:

    How I remember those happy days of sitting on minute chairs and wiping away the tears – mine, not the children’s ! Looks like you all had fun here.♥

  4. Hahaaa…She Really gets into the mood of things! Love it!

  5. judy says:

    She sure does love life, doesn’t she? Such a cute cute kid!

  6. Regenia says:

    I have to tell you that I LOVED seeing these “First Concert” pictures. I laughed out loud when I read the part about the little performer coming to hug family and then being encouraged to get back on task. My husband came to see what was so funny, so he also got to see the pictures. Her enthusiasm is wonderful. And I doubt there was a better looking Santa in the audience than the one sitting with your wife. It was also fun to see a number of the pictures because then I began to laugh at several different little boys who were having trouble getting into the concert like your little one was. Since I was having morning coffee when I read the post, it was a really nice way to start the day! Thanks for sharing them.

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