Christmas and the Cat

Asha is an old cat who needed a home this past year, so the kids adopted her and the younger Abby. She is most placid cat ever and will sit contentedly in the midst of hubbub and mayhem. She’s also a lap cat and spent much time on my lap over Christmas, including Christmas Eve, Christmas Day and Boxing Day.

These shots were taken on Christmas Day during the opening of presents. She had no problem staying on my lap even as I opened my gifts.

Christmas 2011

This is the way it was

Christmas 2011

Every cat seems to have a peculiarity, Asha's main one being that she lives to lick pop cans. About the only thing that got her off my lap was if someone else had a can and I didn't.

Christmas 2011

She had no problem wearing a bow until it lost its sticky

Christmas 2011

Neither did I

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5 Responses to Christmas and the Cat

  1. What a sweet old kitty! And I’m Really glad it isn’t You licking the cans…Hahahaaa

  2. June Kellum says:

    What fun pictures, AC – and what a sweet cat! You both look cute with that red bow on your head!

    Have a Happy New Year! (I see you DID have a happy Christmas!)

  3. Great shots of Asha…and of you too, AC! You are both great subjects!

  4. Norma says:

    What a nice home she’s found. I noticed our cat became much more of a lap sitter when she lost her hearing. Not sure it is the security, or then she always knows where we are. She used to be able to hear cheese being opened 3 rooms away.

  5. Hilary says:

    Adorable.. the kitty and you.

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