The Year of the Tablet

When my nephew told me that he had bought a new iPad and was selling his old one, I decided to jump at the opportunity. I was pretty sure that Cuppa would really like it, and I was sure correct. She ports it with her almost everywhere and uses it for various purposes.

That was back in the summer, but I was thinking of purchasing an eReader for myself as the year progressed. Not wanting to drop another bundle on an iPad, I decided that my choices came down to Kobo, Kindle or Playbook. Rightly or wrongly, with the Playbook heavily discounted in early December that’s what I opted to purchase. I figured that for almost the same price as the Kindle or Kobo, I might as well have a full-fledged tablet with the various bells and whistles.

The Playbook surfs the Net well, and I have read three books on it. Although millions would probably disagree, I think it’s smaller size makes it perhaps better for reading than the iPad. It’s more like curling up with a regular size book as opposed to an encyclopedia. With both adjustable font size and lighting, I find it easy on the eyes.

Come Thesha’s birthday, which is only a few days before Christmas, everyone chipped in for both birthday and Christmas, and purchased her an iPad. Like Cuppa, she is absolutely delighted with it. Smitten might be the appropriate word.

Sha's Birthday

The kids like it too

Eric also got a Playbook for Christmas, so, yes Virginia, it was definitely the year of the tablet in our family.


AC and Eric video chat with each other on Christmas morning

If you missed it, the New Year video on my previous post is quite wonderful in my opinion. Note: it wasn’t done by me.

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11 Responses to The Year of the Tablet

  1. I’m Loving the video chat! I haven’t gotten around to doing that yet but maybe soon. Happy late birthday wishes to Thesha!!

  2. q says:

    I am loving my Kindle can do more even than I thought. I went to your last post and did indeed enjoy the video. Thanks for sharing. I wish Mexico was on the same page as USA and Canada, would help a lot. Blessings

  3. Hilary says:

    I have just entered the world of cell phones and texting for the first time and my son has a new tablet. Life sure is different these days.

  4. KGmom says:

    My my, but you are indeed a wired family. So, do you all sit with your various tablets and communicate thusly? Or do you prefer the old-fashioned face-to-face approach?

  5. Regenia says:

    At my husband’s encouragement, I bought a Nook Color last July. He was convinced I would enjoy it, although I said I would NEVER want to read using a device. He was SO right! I have read numerous books, found new authors etc. I like the “book” size, the adjustable font and light, just everything. I read this post and am leaving this comment using my Nook Color, of course!

  6. Bernie says:

    Have been thinking of purchasing an IPad, I didn’t like my Kindle as I missed holding a book, turning its pages (just everything about a book) anyway passed it on to my niece Fallon but I do think I would enjoy an IPad……:-)Hugs

  7. Diana says:

    So nice that you fella’s all got some new toys, LOL!!! I love the video chatting. We did that Christmas day with my daughter in N.C. I couldn’t stop laughing!?
    Love Di ♥

  8. AC, I agree with Cuppa nad your daughter that the iPad is fun. I treated myself to one last summer and have really been enjoying it to watch Netflix films while we are travelling or at night when we’re home. Grenville has a smaller 7-inch tablet and has read many of the classic books. He is eagerly anticipating that Apple will come out with a smaller size tablet. Tried using an iPod but it was way too small for me to read the type size.

  9. Grenville says:

    I like the pic of you and Eric Skypeing while on the couch…. A capture of true geekdom…. I’m so jealous!!!!!!
    And cudos to the wardrobe director…. Love the plaid Flannels…
    Glad you like the smaller tablet. I have the 7″ Acer A100 and love it for reading books and the morning news. (MacBook 13 for real work, and iPod touch to keep me organized.) BUT if Apple comes out with a 7″ i will really be happy since Android and Macs don’t seem to play well together.

  10. Pearl says:

    I haven’t got into e-books. I like paper. I might just get fogied in.

    I keep moving slower and tech faster. Haven’t tried tablets at all. still a few generations back. but then I’m trying to use computers less and less often so a laptop at home is just fine enough.

  11. Kila says:

    Fun, enjoy! Thanks for the review. I haven’t used any of these products yet.

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