The Surprising Nikki Dee

Sometimes Nikki Dee shocks the heck out of Cuppa and me.

Yesterday, when she was home from school because the buses were once again cancelled due to freezing rain, but I digress, I sat down with Nikki Dee and Zach to read them a little story before his nap. This was the first page of the book.


The thing is that she began to read it out loud and continued to read all 7 pages, most of them longer than this first page. Of course, she needed a bit of help from time to time, but I was still shocked. I have only read this book to her once or twice and not all that recently, so I don’t think she could possibly have memorized the story. I think she was really reading.

The kids is only 4 and in JK. Maybe all kids read like this now. If so, times have sure changed.

Note: I don’t offer this anecdote in order to brag, but just to say that I am stunned (which most people already know 🙂 ). Maybe this kind of thing really is the new norm. just like 60 is supposedly the new 40 … even though my 64 feels more like 92. Please let me know if you have any info or insight to share.


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11 Responses to The Surprising Nikki Dee

  1. Mary G says:

    Wow! It is probably a combination of remembering the story and being able to recognise some of the word patterns. Happens with really bright kids who have been read to a lot.
    I never knew when my kids and grandkid actually started to read consistently, because they all did the memory plus observation thing.
    In the case of Dora stories, does she watch Dora on TV or in videos? Because she may have had more than one exposure that way.
    Smart kid you’ve got there.

    • charlie's mom says:

      Well, you should brag. That is one smart little girl. I know that children can read at this age if they’ve been exposed to books early. That is why most hospitals send new borns home with a book.

      If you want to check her reading ability. Present her with words out of context. i.e. no pictures, no story just a word printed on a card. You could use words from some of her books. Let her know it is just a game. You could read some too so she doesn’t feel it is a test. My best bet is she is reading. She may need more challenges than a regular Grade one class offers.

  2. What a smart little Girl!!! Encourage her! I’ll bet she can read a page or two of your mysteries to you!
    This is a Great thing….

  3. Linda Fraser says:

    My Kathy could read like that at age 4 and I thought she had it memorized but memorizing is a learning strategy for successful reading anyway. Good for her for learning that already. Some children are better at it than others. Some are more interested than others. Does she sound out difficult words she isn’t familiar with? Is she finding clues in the text (or pictures)that help her predict more text? Can she read non fiction books and books without pictures equally as well? Probably not so much and don’t expect her to. Just enjoy the brilliance and love of books she is demonstrating now. It is fabulous. Try to get her to predict what she thinks is going to happen in the story. See if she can make connections from stories in books to real life. See if she can make connections from some books to other books. These are all the things she will be doing at school. I hope this is helpful . =D

  4. KGmom says:

    I agree–go ahead and brag. Why not? Besides, a child who reads becomes a teen who reads, and then an adult who reads. All a pathway to success.

  5. QMM says:

    AC they are just born smarter today. Or rather in the generations after us. She is one sharp young lady.

  6. Kila says:

    Wow, that is very good! I’m not surprised you were stunned! What a special moment you two shared.

    Some kids read at age 4, if parents have worked with them a lot, or school teachers have. Girls more than boys. My youngest boy was sounding out words at that age, but his older brothers didn’t read until kindergarten.

  7. Ruth says:

    Children who have books read to them often do pick up reading earlier. Our twins read well by age 4 and in grade 1 were reading chapter books. They excelled in languages at school but were not exceptionally brilliant in math. We read books every evening together from when they were babies. I think your Nikki is very bright, perhaps toward the brilliant spectrum. (Remember Scout in To Kill a Mockingbird? She couldn’t remember not being able to read because her daddy read to her)

  8. judy says:

    Brag on! She is a smart one.

  9. Regenia says:

    I would think the time, attention, and encouragement from her grandfather and grandmother, along with a lot of reading to her has been instrumental in helping her develop her natural abilities. And I don’t know, of course, but the pictures you post shows a little girl with a zest and openness to life. I imagine she enjoys whatever she is doing and gives it her entire effort.
    Also I did not know she is only four and already in school. Do they start earlier in Canada than here in the states? Children might be four when they begin kindergarten here, but by now would have already had to have turned 5. At least that is how it used to be.

  10. Pearl says:

    I was reading before KD myself. That didn’t keep them from spending two years teaching me the letters since I didn’t say boo to indicate I could. My niece is grade one and was tested at grade 6 reading level. I suppose people are all over the map.

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