What Exactly Are We Doing Here?

The AC is On has been moved to this new site lock, stock and barrel. All posts and comments have been transferred as they were. I first tried to transfer the blog to Blogger, but it didn’t work although it should be theoretically possible. However, the transfer was very easy with wordpress.com.

Because I changed my blogging site just over a year ago, some of you may be wondering what the heck I am doing changing it yet again. Well, you see, it’s this way …

  1. Back then, I was growing a little weary of my Blogger site. I was stuck in an old template which had some dysfunction, but I really didn’t want to mess around with it, so a new start seemed to be in order.
  2. While I could have started a new Blogger blog back then, I already had my own website, anvilcloud.net, which I was paying for but wasn’t using much, so I decided that I should use it or lose it. I opted for the former option.
  3. I like to try and learn new things and hosting a blog on my own site was a chance to do that.

Now, I have decided to move my blog once again. I’ve done my learning and experimenting on my own website, and I’m glad I did. However, my the renewal date is fast approaching, and I have decided that I have no pressing need to keep my own domain going for more than $100/yr when I can accomplish almost exactly the same thing here where the space is free. It’s not as though I am using my anvilcloud.net site for anything other than blogging, and there are various free blogging options at my disposal. There was a time when I dabbled at constructing websites, but those days are long gone; so, the site can go too.

When anvilcloud.net closes down I will lose some links, such as a few tunes or photos, that were used in my old Raindrops blog but not all that many really, so it won’t be a great loss. While I probably have a month left in anvilcloud.net, it will totally disappear when my renewal date comes up, so I thought I’d better give my three followers time to migrate over here. Please do adjust your links.

I may move again in the near future. I may start a new blog back in Blogger since that’s where my three followers hang out, but at least all of the existing The AC is On posts now have a home — permanently as far as things in the internet now stand. However, I see that this site has a Follow option, which might work well enough for everyone, so we shall see what we shall see.

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14 Responses to What Exactly Are We Doing Here?

  1. Ok! No problem changing your link to this one…but I don’t see the “follow me ” button?! Did it mean follow you on FB and Twitter? I have acct’s on both.
    Happy warmer weekend Ac!!
    PS- 3 followers??Hahahaaaa…..right….

  2. Bernie says:

    I don’t see the follow me button either AC, hope I still get the notifications……:-)Hugs

  3. Mary G says:

    Got it. Bookmarked it. Will follow you anywhere.

  4. AC says:

    Howdy Folks
    Sorry. My Follow button is at the top left, but yours should be at the bottom right.
    Go figure.

  5. Diana says:

    I’m following you!!
    Love Di ♥

  6. Beatrice says:

    Done – already changed the link on our blog site, AC, so if you do happen to move again in cyberspace just let us know!

  7. Ruth says:

    I don’t use the follow button but add blog feeds to Google Reader instead. Domains seem pricey for non-commercial use.

  8. KGMom says:

    Goodness, you are a restless fellow, moving your blog around and all.
    Well, I found it and have updated my link to you on my blog. So I can keep following you.

  9. Hilary says:

    Fine.. make me follow you all over blogosphere’s half acre! 😉

    I do keep up with you via Google Reader, so I’ll just switch the addie to this one. 🙂

  10. Ginnie says:

    Well it certainly looks like your “followers” have followed! Include me in the list !!

  11. Mara says:

    Consider it changed!

  12. Mary says:

    Following you, AC.

  13. Junie Rose says:

    Well-AC-I’m not sure I understand all this…( I can’t concentrate on all this right now!) If I lose track of you I’ll be sad …so Please just keep up with me -if I get lost- and I’ll follow you back!

    Also, I’m on Face Book (and Twitter, but I don’t use Twitter much) June Kellum

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