A Rural, Wintry Ramble

I’ve hardly taken a picture for about a month and a half, but I remembered to take my camera when I had to run a little errand yesterday. We live in a town, a fairly large one as far as towns go, but we’re pretty soon into rurality once we leave town, so I thought you might like to see just how rural and bleak it can be in winter, especially on a cloudy day.

Rural Ramble

I spiced this shot quite a bit, but it still looks pretty drab. Winter is almost a monochromatic time of year in the countryside.

Rural Ramble

A closeup of the barn of the previous photo.

Rural Ramble

This probably isn't a sight that most of you see very often, but not far past my previous shot, I stopped the car to let some wild turkeys cross the road. I retrieved my camera just in time to snap the last one before he made it to the other side. I assume that this one was male as he was doing some posturing at this point.

Rural Ramble

My errand took me into a subdivision, if that's the right term, with some lovely, large homes on large lots. I don't know about you, but I like modern houses constructed in an older style: the best of both eras, methinks.

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8 Responses to A Rural, Wintry Ramble

  1. iphotoeye says:

    These photos are stunningly beautiful….

  2. Diana says:

    I love the wild Turkeys. I remember the first time I got a good close look at them. They are really pretty. Winter may be a bit bland but it does have it’s own beauty. It shows well in your photos A.C.
    Love Di ♥

  3. Mary G says:

    The barn shot is fantastic! Watch the turkeys, though. I was photographing some road warrior turkeys last year and one flew and hit my car in its panic.

  4. Bernie says:

    What great photos and I love the house in the last picture. I always have loved the modern mixed with traditional homes but I just wouldn’t want to have to clean them…..I suppose though if one could afford this home they would have a housekeeper…….:-)Hugs

  5. These are great photos Ac!
    I LOVE that old house…beautiful!

  6. Pearl says:

    Turkeys always surprise me with how big they are.

    Spiced up or not the top photo feels real.

  7. KGMom says:

    Glad you took your camera along. I liked them all.
    WOW–that house in the subdivision is stunning. I have never lived in (nor will I) such a house. But I surely do admire seeing one or two. I can dream.

  8. Kila says:

    Ooh, I do like that home.

    That first photo turned out well considering what you had to work with! I know what you mean about winter being monochromatic up north. I found it depressing. Love all the greenery and flowers here in Florida throughout the winter!

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