Of course, the word tidbits (see title) began life as titbits, but modesty, at least in North America, prevailed. That reminds me of my prim and proper buddy of times past who would say conking instead of caulking because … well … you figure it out.

It was National Grammar Day on Sunday. This point isn’t really grammatical, but it is related. I say nyooz, not nooz (for news, in case you are wondering). I think the great majority of Americans say nooz and, from what I can tell, so do most Canadians nowadays. I guess I was brought up in the British tradition. Please tell me that the Brits still say, “nyooz.”

As brought up by KGMom on Facebook, I also pronounce theatre/theater as three syllables. I had no idea that some people only say the two, not pronouncing the “a”.

As I write this, we are having a cold blast. Although it has been a relatively mild winter, it is almost down to 0°F this morning. It was mighty cold waiting for the school bus with Nikki Dee this morning let me tell ya. Brrrr!

That being said, daughter saw about two dozen robins on the neighbours’ lawn, which at present is not a lawn but a snowfield. They’re either back here mighty early or they stayed through the winter. In either case, they are silly birds!

We went on a little drive yesterday with the thought of taking some pictures, but it was cold, and I am losing my enthusiasm for taking winter photos anyway — so I didn’t. It was bright and sunny (if you’ll pardon the slight redundancy), so we enjoyed the drive followed by coffee and a sandwich while sitting by the river in the car. (I’ll leave that phrase as is, but speaking of usage, can you picture the river being in the car and us somehow sitting beside it?)

Our new beds will be coming tomorrow. Hopefully, they’ll be just what the our backs require in order to be a little more comfortable. Cuppa also told me this morning that she found herself rolling towards me all night, which we only find pleasant in short bursts (he said winking). No wonder, I tend to find myself a wee bit cramped. Hopefully, a king-sizer will be just the ticket.

In the event, we’ve had quite a rigamarole moving beds about lately. Our guest bed went to Nikki Dee. Her’s went to Zach, who is pleased as punch to be sleeping in a big boy bed. Our bed went to the guest room. The changes have necessitated much cleaning and also a certain amount of shifting of furniture as each move exchanged a smaller bed for a larger one.

Next week is March Break hereabouts. The grandkids’ parents have surprised us by planning to take some time off work, so it will be a bit of a break from babysitting for us too. I don’t imagine we’ll do too much that is grand and glorious, but hopefully, we can do a few nice things that we otherwise wouldn’t, including enjoying lazy mornings.

Since I’ve mentioned National Grammar Day, I wish to declare that I understand that there should really be a comma after hopefully (see italics in above sentence), but it seems a little precious (see fourth definition of precious if the usage is new to you) to do so on an informal blog.

I suppose my use of precious is a little precious … as is my mentioning of precious being precious … as is … oh fuggedaboudit.

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6 Responses to Tidbits

  1. Bernie says:

    It is cold and snowy here this morning as well AC, I am enjoying my coffee as curling is on TV. Laptop in hand I am catching up on emails. I really should check out my blog, not sure why my interest has wained but it has. I miss my blogging friends but manage to keep up with most of them through FB.
    I think people in the UK say nooyse, my sister in Scotland speaks part Canadian and part Scotland and no one understands her, it’s so funny and she gets so frustrated with all of us.
    Changing the beds around will give Cuppa (and you) a good chance to do some early Spring cleaning. I find it so hard to move dressers or furniture on my own so I usually wait until someone comes for a visit and we do it together. I am sure they would come more often if I didn’t do this..lol
    Have a great March Break, you both deserve those restful mornings…….:-)Hugs

  2. Just as long as you don’t start saying, “My Precious…” Hahahaa….
    Glad the bed is about to find it’s final resting place…Nothing worse than a lumpy and uncomfortable mattress.
    It was beautiful here last weekend, mid 70’s.
    Hope you both enjoy the time off!!

  3. Diana says:

    Seems as though you’ve been busy too A.C. I’m glad you and Cuppa will have some alone time soon. Love Di ♥

  4. KGMom says:

    You know, had you not noted (on FB) that it was National Grammar Day, it would have clean slipped by me. (Whence clean?)
    Anyway, thanks for the heads-up.
    As for theater–a local radio station personality always say THEE TR (soft TH sound). I gets me yelling at her–the A tr. Grr.
    I hate mispronunciations. In fact, I have been known to dash off notes to radio or TV stations when some yahoo says something wrong. And that includes local names–if you broadcast locally, for goodness sake, please learn how to say place names.
    Oh, and … no, must stop now.

  5. Mary G says:

    I say ‘nooz’, having been raised in a border city. But I don’t say ‘li berry’ because the grandkid jumps on me if I do. My father said ‘la SAG na’ for that dish for his whole life – I come by the tin ear honestly.
    But I do see when possessives have extra apostrophes. And especially shortly after National Grammar Day. 😀

  6. Sue says:

    I say ‘nyooz’, along with most Brits I know, so you can heave a sigh of relief there 🙂 I was a little confused at first by your reference to ‘caulking’ since, in my pronunciation, it’s a homonym of ‘corking’. I had to think in an American accent before I remembered that ‘talk’ is, in American-English, a homonym for ‘tock’ (and not, as it would be for us, ‘torque’).

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