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Movin Agin

Yes, I’m off to new digs once agin. We’ll splain it all when you get there. Please adjust your set. Advertisements

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Of course, the word tidbits (see title) began life as titbits, but modesty, at least in North America, prevailed. That reminds me of my prim and proper buddy of times past who would say conking instead of caulking because … … Continue reading

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More on Introversion from TED

A stranger shared a link to the following video after reading my Rise of the Introverts post. It’s a TED talk (so you know it’s good) that’s only 19 minutes long. It’s worth it if you have the time. Due … Continue reading

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The Rise of the Introvert

Beware! We introverts have had it with being misunderstood and are coming out of our reclusive hideaways, however briefly: for briefly is all we can manage before we scurry back into our restorative sanctums because we can only stand exposure … Continue reading

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Henry’s Garage

I have already posted bird photos from our lunch at Wheelers Pancake House and Sugar Camp last week. Wheelers is quite an impressive family operation. Aside from the restaurant and boiler in the main building, there is a Maple Syrup … Continue reading

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Wheelers and Birds

We drove out to the country to Wheelers Maple Sugar Camp on Monday, Family Day. Naturally, I took some pictures. Naturally. And naturally I assume that you naturally want to see them.

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I Think Maybe They Listened

Lately, Blogspot bloggers, including moi have been in a tizzy over the new double word verification. I posted about it yesterday, and many others have as well. But, Google may have listened. To wit: here is the graphic that I … Continue reading

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