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I Think Maybe They Listened

Lately, Blogspot bloggers, including moi have been in a tizzy over the new double word verification. I posted about it yesterday, and many others have as well. But, Google may have listened. To wit: here is the graphic that I … Continue reading

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$600 x 2

When we moved into this townhouse, 6.5 years ago (my how time flies, he said with a nod to the trite), we couldn’t get our queen size bed up the stairs. While we just managed to maneuver the mattress, the … Continue reading

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What Exactly Are We Doing Here?

The AC is On has been moved to this new site lock, stock and barrel. All posts and comments have been transferred as they were. I first tried to transfer the blog to Blogger, but it didn’t work although it … Continue reading

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Monday Morning

It’s a pleasant Monday morning here in the Ottawa Valley although there is snow in the forecast tonight and tomorrow. However, that’s much better than more freezing rain; twice last week I was obliged to chip and shovel ice from … Continue reading

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From the Bookshelf

Winter is a good time to catch up on one’s reading. Well, almost anytime is good for said exercise, but winter is especially good. Here are some of my recent gooduns. I have mentioned Louise Penny previously. Her books are … Continue reading

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When Old Is Young

In my previous post I mentioned the power of genetics – in both directions, I guess. There is one guy I’ve been watching on TV who stuns me almost every time I see him. He’s LeRoy Bell, one of the … Continue reading

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Catching Up

On the Seventh Day … the germs did not rest … unfortunately. Seven Days later, I have to say that this has NOT been a 24 hour flu. Having been awakened with yet another headache at 4:00 this morning (assuming … Continue reading

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