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More on Introversion from TED

A stranger shared a link to the following video after reading my Rise of the Introverts post. It’s a TED talk (so you know it’s good) that’s only 19 minutes long. It’s worth it if you have the time. Due … Continue reading

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The Rise of the Introvert

Beware! We introverts have had it with being misunderstood and are coming out of our reclusive hideaways, however briefly: for briefly is all we can manage before we scurry back into our restorative sanctums because we can only stand exposure … Continue reading

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Worm in the Apple

Just over a month ago, the kids gifted me with new speakers for my iPod. As you can see over thataway ← it’s a pretty cool and cute looking little unit, which I WAS enjoying. On the weekend whilst Cuppa … Continue reading

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Of Envy and Good Telly

Although I don’t think my lot in this world would be envied by countless millions, from my point of view, life has been pretty good to me. I spend little time wishing for what I don’t have or envying those … Continue reading

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I Have No Pictures

I’m sorry to report that I have no pictures. Huh AC? Whachoo takin about man? Cause I know dat dat deres a picture. So, let’s back up a bit and explain the pictures before we try to explain the title … Continue reading

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Reading Made Difficult

Case 1: He’s No R.R. Not too long ago, I posted that I was giving the fantasy genre another chance to win me back into its good graces — instead of “Oh good gracious!” So it was that I chose … Continue reading

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Not a Groupon Groupie

Our daughter has recently introduced us to Groupon — sort of. What she did was pass on to us a groupon coupon that she had purchased but couldn’t get around to using. She had purchased $30 buying power for $20 … Continue reading

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