An Appeal

Blogger has done it again — done something silly and unnecessary.

There was nothing wrong with how Word Verification worked for years. It was relatively painless. Commenters were given one clear word to type, and I’m sure that was enough to stop all but the most determined spammers.

But now?!


What’s up with that? Why a double captcha, one word of which is almost illegible? It doesn’t make sense.

Please have mercy on your visitors and turn the thing off. At least give it a try. Blogger has pretty good spam filters, and if one spam comment makes it through, it’s easy enough to delete. Just make sure you are logged in; then go to the comment and click the trash can. I’ll bet you won’t have to do it very often.

Having said all of that, I can’t even see where to turn off Word Verification on the newest version of Dashboard, so I can’t tell you how to do it. Perhaps it’s still there on the older versions where it used to be quite straightforward. Bah!

Edit: Go here to find detailed instructions on how to dismiss the ridiculous word verification.

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Photographic Melange

Just about every day now, I upload a photo to my Flickr site. Some you see here in blogs that I post, but many are isolated and don’t make it here unless I make a point of it every now and then. That being the case, here are some fairly recent Flickr photos for your viewing pleasure ;), ranging from Down East to Out West with a local shot or three thrown in for good measure.


My inlaws dog gazing out the mostly frosted window at the cottage. The dog has left us, but he was a fine dog, and I remember him with fondness, especially our shared pack howl of the Dogsology (sic) on Sunday mornings.

Nova Scotia Shack on the Ocean

A shack on the ocean in southern Nova Scotia with the Cape Forchu lighthouse in the distance. The body of water is the Gulf of Maine, just south of the Bay of Fundy.

Cape Forchu Lighthouse

The Cape Forchu lighthouse with the Canadian, Nova Scotia and Acadian flags. The (French) Acadians were the first to settle the region, and their presence is still very large in this region.

Peyto Lake

Peyto Lake in Banff Nation Park in The Rockies

Horse Feed Available Here

The front of a grain elevator in Perth, a nearby town

Perth Feed Mill

The whole elevator

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$600 x 2

When we moved into this townhouse, 6.5 years ago (my how time flies, he said with a nod to the trite), we couldn’t get our queen size bed up the stairs. While we just managed to maneuver the mattress, the only way to get the box spring up was by rope through the bedroom window.

So, as we began to be in need of a new bed (it’s a long story that shall not presently be recounted), we’ve been at a wee bit of a disadvantage. You see, we decided that, all things considered (mainly hot and old, aching bodies that require lots of sprawling space), we really must have a king size bed. Since king beds come with two box springs, they could navigate the bend in the stairs without difficulty.

But there was still the matter of the mattress: the very large mattress. We pondered and measured and pondered again but decided that there was no way we could make that mattress fit around and up those stairs. But we still felt that we needed a king size bed.

Aha! two twins = one king.

But: two twins would cost about $600 more than one king. Sigh.

In the end we came to the conclusion that it was necessary for us to cough up the additional coin. I had my coat on and was just about nose out of the door to make the purchase (we had already been to the store twice and had the model number and figures) when Cuppa turned on the drier. Except. It. Didn’t. Turn on.

So … what does a drier cost to repair? Maybe $100+ in a service call plus parts plus the time to set up an appointment. And is it worth it to repair a drier that is about a dozen years old?

Hmmm. What to do?

In the end, I added the cost of a drier to the cost of the beds — an additional $600 — to the bill of sale.

That’s $600 x 2 what we would have liked to spend. (Not that we all that enthused about the expenditure in the first place.)

Another way to look at it is that two beds and one drier cost the same as our first car.

Yikesorama Mama!

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A Thought …

Cuppa had me do this graphic for a display that she was working on. It’s one of her favourite quotes. And I like it too. 🙂

Feed Your Soul

Have a good weekend, bloggers!

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Zach: His Shovel and his Vision

The past month or so has been mostly warm (in Canadian terms), and we’ve had a lot of rain and freezing rain. Nevertheless, we had a light dusting of soft white snow the other morning, so as a form of exercise, the little fella helped the big fella to shovel.

Snow Shovelling

I'm not sure whether he was taking it from the driveway to the pile or vice versa.

Snow Shovelling

At this point he seems to be moving it from the neighbour's half onto our half.

Snow Shovelling

By Jove, I think he's got it!

Zach's Cat

One day, many months ago, he looked at the hydro towers and saw a cat. I don't know of anybody else who has seen this, but I could see it once he said it. Can you? I wonder if he has the artist's eye? I know that I don't but my wife and kids have it.

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A Rural, Wintry Ramble

I’ve hardly taken a picture for about a month and a half, but I remembered to take my camera when I had to run a little errand yesterday. We live in a town, a fairly large one as far as towns go, but we’re pretty soon into rurality once we leave town, so I thought you might like to see just how rural and bleak it can be in winter, especially on a cloudy day.

Rural Ramble

I spiced this shot quite a bit, but it still looks pretty drab. Winter is almost a monochromatic time of year in the countryside.

Rural Ramble

A closeup of the barn of the previous photo.

Rural Ramble

This probably isn't a sight that most of you see very often, but not far past my previous shot, I stopped the car to let some wild turkeys cross the road. I retrieved my camera just in time to snap the last one before he made it to the other side. I assume that this one was male as he was doing some posturing at this point.

Rural Ramble

My errand took me into a subdivision, if that's the right term, with some lovely, large homes on large lots. I don't know about you, but I like modern houses constructed in an older style: the best of both eras, methinks.

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It’s the Little Things

‘Cause it’s the little things that mean a lot
It’s what you are, not what you got

Methinks that Sonny and Cher had it right. Sometimes it’s the little things that make life more pleasant. Having an electronic garage door opener is one of them. It’s not that my life’s joy would be greatly reduced if I had to open it manually, even in winter when we actually use the garage to park the car, but it’s just nice to drive right in.

banana standI feel much the same way about the banana stand. I thought Cuppa was losing it the day she came home proudly bearing the banana stand like a cat with a mouse, but I would now miss the thing if it were gone. In fact, I have just decided to say hello to it every morning when I extract my breakfast banana.


toast grabberAnd don’t get me started about the toast grabber, which is the term I had to use to find images on Google — toast grabber. I recall giggling when Cuppa brought that particular metaphorical mouse home, but it sure beats using fingers or metal objects to extract the toast. I have grown so fond of the little device that when our previous one broke, I was quite saddened by the loss. But Cuppa was able to patch it and keep it in service until we were able to find another.

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